Our 100 day refund policy – How It Works

Did you know it takes around 100 days to properly reset and rebalance your hormones?

That means you need to be consistently using Moonbox products in combination with a hormone-healthy diet & lifestyle covered in our 12 week program – for real, lasting changes to take place with your menstrual health and fertility.

That’s right – a holistic approach is key if you’re wanting to say goodbye to PMS & cramps, improve PCOS or endometriosis symptoms, optimise fertility, or rebalance post hormonal birth control.

It’s important to understand that there are no Moonbox products that are going to out-do a poor diet and lifestyle. It all works together! We’re talking about addressing the quality of food you eat, your stress levels, sleep quality, liver function, gut health, and your exposure to environmental toxins as these are the main factors impacting your hormonal health and ability to properly heal.

Use your Moonbox products consistently for 100 consecutive days, whilst also strengthening the foundations in your diet & lifestyle by following our 12 week program and the guidance in our Healthy Hormones Ebook Bundle for most improvement to take place. 

Please note that consistency is key, most people will take a minimum of 3-9 months to notice improvement in their menstrual cycle – if you stop and start the use of products & living a hormone-healthy lifestyle  – you won’t be experiencing the optimal potential of results.

Our conditions of refund are as follows:

  • We do not refund any sale items
  • You must have used Moonbox products consistently for 100 days (3 consecutive orders) to allow for the products to take full effect on the body
  • You must have followed & implemented the lifestyle & dietary guidance in the 12 week program and the Healthy Hormones E-book Bundle to ensure you have set strong foundations for supporting your hormonal health and healing