5 Reasons Our Founding Members Subscribed

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Today’s article highlights how important it is that we start the conversation about periods, and to seek out better education and an alternative to what we are prescribed as standard when it comes to a solution to period probems. Claims such as “the pill is your only option to regulate periods” or “fix acne” or “manage PMS” and “PMS symptoms are natural” are simply not true, but they are very commonly said.

When you subscribe to Moonbox, you get access to our private Moonbox Support Group on Facebook. It’s here that our subscribers get to connect, share their stories and empower each other on this journey whilst being supported by the Moonbox naturopath and founder, Nikki.

When you first join the group we ask subscribers to introduce themselves and share their “why”. “Why have you joined the program and what would you like to learn and achieve?”

I’d like to share 5 of our users answers and perhaps you can relate?…

1. “My body actually had an incredible response to the pill (or so I thought)”

2. “I don’t think I grasped how many women have felt the same way as I have for so long”

3. “I’ve never had a regular period and as I got older my symptoms got worse…”

4. “Since having my darling daughter, I have not yet had a cycle”

5. “I think it’s about time we empower women and talk more freely about what’s really going on together!”

As I re-read through all (yes, all!) of our founding members reasons for joining Moonbox I was astounded by the shared experiences yet the commonality of feeling alone and lost when there is such limited information and support for periods out there! Women wanting to learn how to naturally support their cycles, yet not knowing where to start.

Well, as one of our members said, “queue Moonbox”. The Moonbox program and subscription boxes are the result of YEARS of experience and working with the best experts in the field of menstruation to design an overarching approach to providing the support, information and empowerment to rebalancing hormones and relieving symptoms naturally.

I thought it was only fitting to finish off this article by showing you some reviews from our subscribers from just 8 week out of the 12 week program:

Our next intake for AUS & NZ opens October 1st. We are accepting only 350 new subscribers, so if you’re someone who wants to join a community of women reclaiming their menstrual cycles and taking their health to the next level, join the waitlist to be notified on release so you don’t miss out. Click here to join.

If you’re outside of AU or New Zealand (don’t worry – we will be worldwide soon!), we still want to make sure that you are supported! To learn how to eat for your cycle we have just launched MOON MEALS, recipes for healthy hormones and a happier you. Click here to subscribe 🙂

Love Nikki xx

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