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About Nikki

Have you ever?

  • Found yourself doubled over with period pain not being able to function?
  • Found yourself in tears, or picking arguments, only to realise it was PMS talking when your period arrived a few days later?
  • Broken out in acne & felt too self-conscious to leave the house?
  • Felt anxious, bloated, depressed, overweight, fatigued?
  • Wanted a natural option for managing your period but didn’t know where to start?
  • Left your doctor’s office without feeling heard? Only to be offered the pill as a solution?
  • Been too scared to come off the pill in fear of returning symptoms?

If you’re nodding your head to any of the above, then we have a lot in common.
I was just like you, totally lost in the scary and overwhelming world of periods and all of the monthly sufferings that came with them. I was completely disconnected from my body, out of sync with my cycle and very alone on what to do about it!

My first period at 15 was the beginning of my menstrual challenges. After a few years of suffering cramps, mood swings and acne my doctor – like many doctors – presented me with the solution of the pill, so I took it, no questions asked. I waved goodbye to the cramps and acne but welcomed an array of other symptoms: anxiety, waves of depression, panic attacks, weight gain, fatigue, chronic thrush, UTI’s and IBS. I didn’t know then, but the pill was acting like a bandaid, only masking my original symptoms, ignoring their root causes whilst causing further hormonal chaos. 

For 6 years I was completely unaware of the connection between the cloud of ill-health hanging over my head and the pill – until I finally stopped taking it. Unfortunately, my cramps and PMS did return in full swing but this time, instead of relying on conventional band-aid solutions, I intuitively knew there must be something else I could do. There had to be a natural solution!

This awareness was what first pushed me into my self-healing journey. I was done being unhappy and unwell & I knew something really needed to shift. I re-evaluated my life and started tapping into my passion for natural health and nutrition, reading every blog or book I could get my hands on, experimenting with different diets, cleanses, practitioners and supplements, doing courses and spending my time practicing all of my new found knowledge.

It took me a few years to fully take charge of my health, learn how to truly understand and support my body through food and lifestyle whilst re-discovering my period. And today, after all those years, I can confidently say that menstrual suffering is not my fate. And guess what? It’s not yours either. You don’t need to settle for cramps and mood swings every month. You don’t need to accept breakouts, breast tenderness, heavy periods, bloating or any symptom as an unavoidable part of your cycle! You don’t need to settle for anything less than perfect hormonal health!

It is our responsibility to take charge of our health and learn about our bodies in a more intimate way so that we can reduce long term dependence on conventional medications such as hormonal birth control (HBC). Of course in some cases medical intervention is absolutely necessary, however we are also doing ourselves a disservice when common go-to solutions disconnect us from our bodies and prevent us from experiencing the benefits that can come with a naturally healthy cycle: optimal energy, fertility, libido, metabolism, stamina, happiness and vitality!

My teenage challenges with body image & an eating disorder lead me to study Psychology of Eating, which landed me my dream job presenting for the Butterfly Foundation running workshops on self-worth, body image & mindset. During those years of presenting, I was deeply committed to transforming my own health, whilst also studying a Bachelor of Nutritional Health Science I discovered my obsession with everything periods, hormones & women’s health.

I had some massive discoveries:

  • I discovered that I was the only person who was responsible for my health & happiness
  • I discovered the foundational power of food and lifestyle as the missing links to supporting hormone balance and kicking symptoms to the kerb!
  • I discovered that once I knew how to best support my physical and emotional health by living in sync with my cycle everything else in my life fell into place & abundance began to flow!

What I’ve learnt exponentially changed how I live my life and in turn how I experience my feminine cycle. Once I began experiencing consistently healthier cycles that’s when it hit me. Every girl I knew hated their periods. Why didn’t every female have access to this information!? And that was when Moonbox was born – a program and monthly box of products providing women with all the support they needed since puberty! It took me years of frustration trying to figure it out all on my own and I don’t want one woman to have to suffer all because she can’t find the right help or information to get started.

When it comes to your reproductive health, knowledge is power. But actioning that knowledge is where the true change really takes place – and it just starts with you and Moonbox. So it is my mission to offer women a deeper understanding of their feminine cycle and a truly effective approach to supporting menstrual health naturally for lasting wellbeing. Because, life is too short to miss out on a week (or more) every month of your menstruating life! You have way too many goals to kick and dreams to chase!

Xx Nikki

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