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Program & Membership Questions

Moonbox is a 12 week Program with 3 x monthly product deliveries providing  all the education and support for you to understand your hormones, take charge of your menstrual health and thrive. 

When you subscribe to Moonbox you are committing to 12 weeks. You have a choice of automatic monthly payments of $159 for 3 months or one upfront payment of $477. All prices are in AUD. 

Members have access to:

  • 100+ page E-Protocol outlining all the foundations of nutrition, lifestyle, detoxification and environment that influence the health of hormones and how you can make changes to improve menstruation. 
  • 100+ page ‘Food For Your Cycle Guide’ including all hormone balancing meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, supplement guides, product recommendations and symptom cheat sheets.
  • 3 x monthly boxed deliveries of full sized Moonbox products 
  • Lifetime access to our online private facebook community run by our qualified Naturopath and founder, Nikki.
  • Access to our Private Members Area including 42 instructional videos, 20+ PDF resources and guest interviews. 

Click here for a break down of what products you will receive in each of the 3 deliveries of Moonbox. 

There are set products in each month’s box however you can choose to ‘add-on’ additional products of your choosing at an extra cost. 

You receive 1 box of Moonbox products every 4 weeks. That is 3 boxes in total. After the 3 boxes members join the Maintenance Box to continue receiving monthly deliveries of their favourite products.

Moonbox is the only in-depth program available that offers an all-natural, root cause solution to your period problems and understanding your hormones. Not only does the program provide you with all of the step-by-step support online, but also delivers to you high quality products which have been specifically formulated for your cycle. 

The Moonbox program is about learning a new way of living and deepening your understanding of your female cycle that helps you to establish lasting changes and health.

Yes! It’s better to adopt a preventative approach and support your body with the right diet and lifestyle habits before you start experiencing period or fertility problems anytime in the future.

The program is perfect for anyone who:

  • Has a period
  • Wants to become more in tune with their body and cycle
  • Wants to support themselves on hormonal contraception or in the transition off it.
  • Has PMS, PCOS, endometriosis, missing or irregular periods.
  • Experience painful, heavy or irregular bleeding
  • If you’re looking alternatives to medication, surgery, or bandaids
  • If you get moody, anxious, fatigued, teary-eyed or angry before or around your period. 
  • If you get pre-menstrual breast tenderness, acne, bloating, or headaches.

When you subscribe to Moonbox you will receive monthly boxes of products AND have access to the online program & resources. There is no buying one without the other as they are both included in the price. However, it is up to you whether you would like to follow the online program or not.

To really improve your menstrual cycle it requires a holistic approach, meaning changes made in your diet and lifestyle by following the online protocol are FOUNDATIONAL and the products are the extra support to fast-track success. 

The only option is to do the program inclusive of the monthly product deliveries. However, an exclusive online program is in the process of development so it can be available internationally and more accessible.

Signing up is easy, simply click here to select a subscription payment plan and check out!

You can find prices on our Choose Plan page.

Simple answer: because 12 weeks is the time it takes to support your bodies ability to naturally rebalance hormones and for the real lasting improvements in your menstrual cycle to be experienced.

Answer for you science nerds: It takes approximately 100 days for your ovarian follicles (eggs) to journey all the way to maturity and cross the ovulation finish line. The health of these eggs, ovulation and in turn the production of your hormones are what determines the health of your period. This means that it takes 100 days (12 weeks) of the right health, support and nutrition for your hormones to fully reset and for the real improvements and benefits to take place. This isn’t your average 30 Day program, Moonbox is about setting you up for lasting menstrual health and allowing your body the real time it takes to balance naturally.

Moonbox is for all menstruating women, so when you get your first period you can subscribe to Moonbox ☺️  However, the program is most suited for ages 15 years old and up as following the online program takes commitment and understanding of the information presented.

We will be introducing this feature in the near future. Email us here if this is really important to you!

You don’t have to have Facebook but it is recommended so that you can take advantage of the community aspect of the program as well as the Naturopath support. You can either create a temporary account or borrow a friends log in! 

Yes, you will have lifetime access to the Moonbox Members Only Facebook group, along with two years to access your online Members area with the videos and resources.

Once you have completed the 12 week program, and throughout the 12 weeks, you can purchase whatever products you like through the Moonbox Shop.

You will have continued access to the Members Area for two years where you can watch the videos and download resources at anytime, as well as ongoing support in the private facebook group where you will always be a part of the community. 

Yes. You can purchase any individual Moonbox items you like through the Moonbox Shop.

Moonbox is suitable for all menstruating women, however recommended for 15 years + as the online program is quite content heavy. 

The program has been developed in collaboration with a qualified Nutritionist and My Moonbox Founder Nikki Gonda, with a background in Nutritional Health Science. 

The e-Protocols are Nutritionist Approved and all products have been formulated by qualified herbalists and naturopaths to ensure all products are safe, of the highest quality and effective.  

The facebook group and support is run by a qualified Naturopath. 

Once you subscribe, you will receive the Protocol E-Books via email as well as immediate access to the private Facebook Group and Members Area where you will access all online videos and resources. 

The program has been designed so that you’re guided to implement changes over the 12 weeks. Over this time you are equipped with all of the knowledge and tools required for you to continue to support your hormonal health for the rest of your life! By continuing with the Maintenance Box Subscription beyond the 12 weeks you’ll ensure continued support and improvement.  

You can however do the program as many times as you like for a refresh or reset! 

This program isn’t recommended whilst pregnant. 

Please consult your doctor before beginning any diet, lifestyle or supplement interventions.

Account, Shipping and Billing Questions

You will be billed on the day you sign up to Moonbox immediately on order.

After that, if you selected “monthly payments” you will be placed on our advanced billing cycle and charged on the same date each following month. There are 3 charges in total.

If you choose to pay upfront you will be charged total price immediately on order and not again.

If you’re in Australia, you will receive your first box within 3-5 days of your first payment. 

If you’re in UK or USA, you will receive your first box in 7-10 days. 

Moonbox is not responsible or liable for any delay in the delivery of your boxes. 

Moonbox is not responsible or liable for any missing or stolen boxes that were noted “safe to leave at door if no one is home”. 

No, you cannot cancel anytime. By signing up to Moonbox you are agreeing to a 3 month commitment, with no cancellation policy.


You can log into your account and update your payment details within the Payment Methods area of your Account, which you can access here.

We use Stripe which accepts credit Card/Debit Card payments from Mastercard, Visa, American Express or Paypal.

Australia, NZ, UK and USA. 

  • Australia: Shipping included.
  • NZ: $15 rate shipping fee.
  • US: Shipping included. 
  • UK: Shipping included. 

When your Moonbox is dispatched you will be sent your tracking information via email or text so you are aware of when your box will arrive.

We do not offer refunds, partial refunds or return of monthly boxes or individual products after payment or shipment.

If you have missing items or there are products damaged, we are happy to help you out! Simply, email us at nikki@mymoonbox.com.au

You are unable to purchase just one Moonbox. 

When you become a member, you are committing to a 12 Week Program which includes 3 x deliveries of Moonboxes. 

 Monthly recurring payments (unless paid upfront) will continue until your 3 month term is complete.

To update your account information, login using your email and password, from here you can update your billing shipping and login information.

Health Questions

Please consult your doctor before beginning any new diet, lifestyle, product or supplement interventions. If you have any health concerns, existing health conditions, are on medication or on any hormonal contraceptive we strongly recommend speaking to your health care practitioner before embarking on this program. Moonbox does not offer medical advice, nor a cure, it offers general guidance and encouragement for women wanting to learn how to support their cycle naturally.

Moonbox is not suitable for women who are pregnant, or doing IVF.

You can absolutely still do Moonbox, in fact it’s important to support your body whilst on any form of hormonal contraception so that you can improve your health whilst on it and better safeguard your body against the potential negative side effects. In turn this support will help lessen the return of symptoms for when you do decide to get off birth control. 

Moonbox is an excellent support to help prepare your body for the transition off of the pill. 

It is common for symptoms such as acne, missing periods, irregular periods, mood swings, cramps etc to return post-pill. By supporting your body through certain nutrition, lifestyle, and detoxification practices outlined in Moonbox you will enhance your body’s resilience and ability to bounce back faster whilst reducing severity of symptoms. 


The Moonbox Program is a great support in safeguarding your body against the negative effects of the pill and may help in the management of symptoms.

It’s important to know that the pill shuts down your body’s natural production of hormones, so the Moonbox program will not help to, “balance your hormones”, because you aren’t naturally producing any hormones to balance in the first place.   On the flip side, the pill is releasing synthetic hormones into your body, so the Moonbox program will help enhance your body’s detoxification pathways to support the elimination of these synthetic hormones so to avoid build up and subsequent symptoms. 

We do not recommend starting any program or taking any Moonbox products without speaking to your doctor if you are on any type of medication.

No, this is not necessary. This program does not offer patient-doctor relationship or individual medical advice. Please book in with a qualified practitioner for one on one support if you’d like more in-depth analysis of blood work. 

You are able to book in with our online Naturopath if you would like further support. 

This program does not specifically cover methods of natural birth control.

However, specific methods are recommended in the program for your own further research.  

There is no guarantee nor is weight loss the the focus of this program however by supporting your body with new healthy dietary and lifestyle changes outlined in this program the chances are that as your hormones rebalance, your body will shed excess kilos of inflammation or weight it has been holding on to. 

Moonbox is not recommended for women who are pregnant.

Please consult your doctor before using any of the Moonbox products whilst breast feeding. 

 If you are trying to conceive, Moonbox is safe and supportive in enhancing ovulation and boosting fertility. 

We have had 22 Moonbox babies so far!

The benefits of improving hormonal health is enhancing ovulation and boosting fertility! Women who have been struggling for years to conceive have followed this program and fallen pregnant. If you’re trying to fall pregnant, doing this program will enhance your overall health. We recommend remaining under the care of your doctor and meeting with them once you do become pregnant.

Yes! This program, with all of the nutritional and lifestyle guidance, products, tools and strategy has been intentionally created to help support women who suffer from symptoms such as PMS and period pain.

These symptoms are signs of underlying hormone imbalance that can be supported and relieved naturally and holistically with the correct support and guidance. 

Yes, the Moonbox Program is an excellent extra support for women with endometriosis.

This program doesn’t specifically discuss endometriosis nor does it claim to be a cure or solution. As endo is an inflammatory disease natural approaches that aim to reduce inflammation have been shown to provide benefit. Moonbox may provide support as the program follows an anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle approach which is beneficial for health and reducing inflammation in general. The products support pain and provide extra nourishment for the body. 

We recognise that endometriosis is a complicated issue and not always easy to address which is why we always suggest that you see a qualified professional for individual support. As a Moonbox member you also have the support from our online Naturopath to ask questions as needed or you also have the option to book in for a one-on-one appointment in conjunction with doing the program.

Please see your doctor before embarking on this program and using any of the Moonbox products.

Although nothing is guaranteed when it comes to reclaiming your natural cycles, Moonbox may be an excellent support if you have irregular cycles.

Missing/late periods may be a result of: pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause, PCOS and you can find that your period can take a while to return after coming off hormonal birth control like the pill, ring or hormonal IUD.

If these situations above are not what are causing your cycle problems the good news is that the Moonbox program covers other factors that may also be major players in missing and late periods such as: over-exercising, not eating enough quality food, too much sugar, being underweight and stress. You’ll learn strategies to take charge of these.

Yes. Moonbox may be an extra support for women with fibroids, although please note fibroids are not specifically discussed in the program. The underlying imbalance when it comes to fibroids is most commonly excess estrogen. You need to focus on supporting your body in the processing and elimination of estrogen. You can do this by supporting your liver function, boosting your gut health and decreasing inflammation in your body which is addressed in the Moonbox Program.

Yes, this program is an overall hormone support, equipping you with the tools and information to set strong foundations to improve menstrual health. If you do have any of these conditions, it is important that you continue under the care of your doctor for more individualised support and before embarking on the program. Moonbox is not a cure nor treatment.

Yes, if you have PCOS you can do Moonbox.

When it comes to PCOS the main issue is failure to ovulate regularly. There are many causes that may be inhibiting ovulation which is why there is not one natural approach that will help every person.

When it comes to the most common type of PCOS – insulin resistant PCOS, the cause of insulin resistance comes down to sugar, environmental toxins, trans fat and smoking – Moonbox  provides support as these factors are covered in the 12 Week nutritional and lifestyle program as it looks at eliminating sugar, trans fats, smoking and strategies to limit your exposure to environmental toxins.

When it comes to Inflammatory PCOS – inflammation is caused by stress, environmental toxins, inflammatory food and intestinal permeability. Moonbox addresses stress management, reducing environmental toxins, an anti-inflammatory diet and enhancing gut health.

Moonbox covers the nutritional & lifestyle changes that support healthy ovulation. You also have access to our online naturopath to provide extra support specific to you. 

You are safe to take part in the Moonbox Program if you have diabetes but please check with your health care practitioner before beginning this program and making any changes to your diet and lifestyle and product use, especially if you are on any medication.

You can still benefit from doing the Moonbox Program as it is a holistic approach to improving and supporting your overall health which in turn will support you in menopause. However please know that the information presented is targeting women in their reproductive years. 

Moonbox is designed to be an overall support for health. You learn how to become more in tune with your body and simple steps you can take each day to boost your vitality and wellbeing. Please note, no individual specific medical advice will be provided, please see your doctor before starting this program if you have concerns about your health issues.

In our online private facebook group, there is a qualified naturopath there to support you and answer your questions. However no medical advice can be given.

Purchasing this program does not constitute a doctor-patient relationship.

Questions about your individualised medical needs are suited for an in person doctor, or you may book in with our Naturopath for one-on-one consult.

Yes. This program involves eliminating common foods that trigger period problems. It involves an anti-inflammatory wholefoods diet and is about discovering what specific foods are triggers for your individual period symptoms – everyone is different.

The program provides you with delicious recipes, meal plans and shopping lists to make it easier for you to follow and stick to for greatest benefit. All recipes are gluten free, sugar free and dairy free and you can modify for vegan or other special dietary requirements to suit you.

If you are following a special diet for a medical condition, please consult your doctor before embarking on this program or making any changes.

The protocol nutritional guidelines along with the monthly deliveries of Moonbox products are all gluten, dairy and refined sugar free.

The recipes and meal plans can be adjusted for vegan and vegetarian diets. Use these meal plans as frameworks and if you are following a speciality diet for a medical condition please consult your doctor.

If you are vegan we outline recommended additional supplementation, and potential additional support by a qualified professional to ensure that you are on top of adequate nutrient intake required for healthy hormone production. You are able to book in with our naturopath in the program if desired.

Absolutely, this is a common reasons women join the program and experience great improvement. The program’s nutritional and lifestyle strategies target the varying root causes of acne. Along with some of the Moonbox products like Moon Shine acne oil, Moon Clay face mask and our anti-inflammatory elixirs are additional supports for skin health too. 

Yes. The nutrition protocol is designed to be low allergen and anti-inflammatory as possible. However not all food allergies will be accounted for so please adjust to suit your individual needs.

All products are gluten free, dairy free, grain free and refined sugar free.

However the product “Earth Seeds” contains Hemp seeds, Chia Seeds and Sesame seeds which are packaged in a facility that also packages nuts. The Loco Love chocolates that come in each Moonbox contain sesame seeds as well. 

Additional supplementation is optional. The program includes supplement guidelines which are recommended for women who want to see fast improvements with their menstrual problems. It is often necessary to take additional supplements to bring hormones back to balance if you’ve recently come off hormonal contraception or have significant period problems. Food and lifestyle are always foundational, supplementation is an extra support for maximising outcomes!

Definitely not. Please note, all Moonbox products are not therapeutic and not to be associated with the likes of therapeutic supplements or to be consumed in replacement. Our powders and teas are food products and we do not include naturopathic herbs or adaptogens in therapeutic amounts, only traditionally supportive amounts.

To ensure the safety of our products Moonbox has a qualified herbalist who formulates the blends to ensure they are suitable for all consumers without any unwanted interactions of adverse effects.

Many women will feel improvements within a few weeks, for others 12 weeks or more. Your results will depend on your condition or severity of imbalance, whether you have been on hormonal contraception, your diet and lifestyle before starting the Moonbox Program, and how much you choose to commit to the program itself over the 12 weeks and beyond.

Remember, this is not designed to be a “quick-fix”, this is a natural and holistic approach that supports your own body’s innate ability to rebalance over time. 

On average it will take 100 days (12 weeks) for your hormones to properly reset and the real lasting benefits to take place, and it’s up to you to sustain this with the new tools you have learnt from the program.

We understand how busy life can be! Specific products in Moonbox do require daily commitment however take no time at all to use or consume.

The weekly videos range from 5-15 minutes in length and the meal plans and recipes are designed for simplicity and ease.

The program is designed to help you create lasting habits that become second nature! But when it comes to improving your hormones it does require daily commitment and we recommend setting aside time each day for yourself.


Yes. The recipes in the program promote healthy eating and are suitable for all ages and genders. The meal plan encourages eliminating inflammatory foods and major allergens.
We advise checking with your health care practitioner before getting your kids onboard.

This is a one stop shop for your period. All of the latest, most in depth information and highest quality products and support in one place. Even if you consider yourself a super informed individual, this program keeps you accountable and guides you every step of the way. Plus, the private facebook community means you’ll have your very own support group AND the specialised product deliveries – are things Google can’t provide 😉

The issue with hormonal contraception is that it doesn’t “fix” your symptoms, it works as a bandaid by ignoring the underlying causes and covering them up temporarily. So when you choose to go off contraception, your symptoms return and often worse than before. Same goes for painkillers – they are a “quick-fix” temporary relief. This program looks at targeting the root causes of symptoms so that you can achieve long term health and reduce long term dependence on painkillers.


At Moonbox quality surpasses everything. We are passionate about where we source every single one of our ingredients from to make our products. All ingredients are 100% natural and wherever possible made with certified organic ingredients. Our products do not contain GMO’s, synthetic or artificial colours, flavourings, sweeteners, toxins, or preservatives. All of our products are 100% Vegan and cruelty free, except the Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask is not considered vegan. 

We always research about the trade, manufacturing and production process to ensure each ingredient is of the highest quality and made to nourish the body in an effective, sustainable and ethical way.

Yes, we list EVERY ingredient used on each product label and on our website. We are very transparent about our ingredients, sourcing and quality.

Food products are also labeled with nutritional panels.

Each monthly Moonbox delivery comes with a pamphlet insert detailing product use. Recipes are also included in the ebook specific to use of Moonbox food products. You can also follow @mymoonbox for demonstrations of product usage.

Yes, the Moonbox teas, elixirs and aromatherapy products have been formulated by qualified practitioners including our naturopath and herbalist to ensure the highest quality, safe and most effective support is provided for your cycle.

Every product in Moonbox is 100% natural and made from the highest quality ingredients, certified organic wherever possible.

We always research about the trade, manufacturing and production process to ensure each ingredient is of the highest quality and made to nourish the body in a sustainable and ethical way.

All products are full sized and designed to last the entire month or longer depending on the product. 

Moonbox teas + elixir products: 30 servings or more, with a 2-3 year use by date. 

Other products e.g silk sleep mask will have a longer lifespan.

Please refer to individual product page for further information.

This program is not designed to be shared with another person, the products have been formulated and provided in exact serving sizes to be beneficial for one person. The protocols and resources provided are for paying subscribers only and not meant to be shared onwards.

Its fun however to join with a friend so you can support and motivate each other along the way! 

Please contact us at nikki@mymoonbox.com.au if anything within your box has been damaged or is missing. We will investigate the issue and will review your case to decide what sort of replacement is appropriate. Please ensure that you contact us within 4 weeks from the date your box has been shipped as we are only able to process replacement requests within this time

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