Does going vegan impact your menstrual cycle?

Vegan diets have been growing in popularity in the last few years, with market research showing that more and more individuals are consuming vegan products. However with any dietary change, there is a potential impact on our periods.

How to treat PCOS

How to treat PCOS

Whilst PCOS is a condition with no known cure, a holistic approach using lifestyle, dietary, supplements and/or medications can allow women to effectively manage their PCOS. Read on for our 101 on PCOS: what causes it, its signs and symptoms, how to test for it and the treatment options for PCOS (both conventional and natural).

How to get off the pill

How to get off the pill without side effects

So, you’ve decided to or are thinking of going off the oral contraceptive pill but are terrified of what may happen when you get off. You may be worried about the possible side effects such as acne breakouts or that your periods will come back heavier and more painful than ever.

period pain cramps
Period Pain & Cramps

How to get rid of period pain

Period pain refers to the menstrual pain that we experience leading up to and during our periods. Read on for more information on what period pain is, what causes it, what they feel like and finally our holistic tips on reducing period cramps.


Signs, Symptoms and Treatment of Endometriosis

Read on for the 101 on endometriosis. What is endometriosis, what causes it, who gets it, what are the signs and symptoms, how can I test for it, and is there a way to treat it naturally?

how sleep affects menstrual cycle

5 Tips to Improve Your Sleep For Better Periods

Did you know sleep affects more than just energy alone? Adequate sleep is one of the vital factors that women need to support their hormonal health and menstrual cycle.

hormonal birth control options

Non-Hormonal Birth Control Options

After my instagram post “What you’re told about the pill VS What you should be told about the pill” went viral (if you missed it …


Myoni, the clever alternative to tampons

The interview below is with Myoni, the menstrual cup company from Australia. Myoni Cup is simple. One cup replaces hundreds of pads and tampons, saving …


Choc Brownie Loaf

Ingredients Dry 1.5 cups almond meal 1 cup oat flour 1/4 cup @mymoonbox Lunas Lover Choccie Elixir 1 tsp baking soda, cinnamon + salt Wet …


Top Tips for Beating Female Fatigue

This week’s guest expert is Nutritionist Elle Brown. Elle specialises primarily in women’s health and has a strong passion for family and children’s health, energy, …


Are your hormones holding you back from losing weight?

Weight gain or difficulty losing weight is one of the many symptoms of a hormonal imbalance. Learn about 3 hormones that may be contributing to your weight and the action steps to balance them.


Moonbox-friendly Pancake Recipe

I have outdone myself with this Moonbox friendly pancake recipe. The texture is AMAZING! Excuse the photo, I couldn’t wait to dive in 😉


Why Have I Lost My Libido?

I asked nutritionist Georgia Forsyth to share her advice on all things libidio! She certainly doesn’t hold back in this blog post so get ready 😉


Hormone-Friendly Hot Cross Muffins

OK – so we’ve all got a lovely, long weekend! What to do, what to do? Well we thought we’d give you an awesome, hormone-lovin …


Gut Happy Bliss Balls

Ingredients ½ cup almond meal 5 TBS almond nut butter ½ cup tahini 8 drops liquid stevia 1 cup chopped nuts of choice ½ cup …

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