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My Moonbox 12-Week Program

My Moonbox is a 12-Week Online Program with monthly Moonbox product deliveries providing you with all of the essential support for epic period health.

Intake is now open. Please choose your plan. 

Note: Your 1st box arrives in line with the commencement of the 12-week program, on approximately November 1st.


per month, for 3 months

$477 $450

upfront payment


52 Reviews


4.98 out of 5

  1. Gwenaelle (verified owner)

    This journey with Moonbox has been so empowering! I now understand better my cycles and this has been life changing! All the contents are amazing, the support is real and I loved receiving the products each month (I can’t live without Luna’s lover and the Moonmask anymore!). Thank you so much Nikki! And great news I’m pregnant!

  2. Kate Farrell (verified owner)

    Moonbox is a game changer for your cycle!
    I came across Nikki before Moonbox was released and knew I needed it in my life. I experience heavy periods on top of living with an autoimmune condition.
    The stand out for me is the love, quality and thought put into each product. From magnesium spray, a sleep mask, choccie to hormone loving elixirs.
    The content around nutrition and lifestyle is easy to follow and UPLIFTING. There is no pressure to do everything all at once, you can do things in a way that work for you. I had already implemented some of the lifestyle suggestions but being in this program reminded me that I deserve to take the time to honour my body’s needs and go to the next level of self care when it comes to my cycle.
    I get so excited thinking of all the women out there whose life could change from this program.

  3. Romy (verified owner)

    Nikki has given her love and life into this program and you can definitely tell.
    As someone who journeys through life with PCOS, there is always so much info coming your way. However, Moonbox offers a no bulls**t approach to periods and lifestyle that anyone can get behind and learn.
    The tips and tricks, the advice and the things provided each month are so wonderful and the community is incredibly special.
    So happy I took this leap into Moonbox and happy hormones

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What does the 12-Week program include?

Monthly Moonbox product deliveries

Food For your Cycle Guide

Nutrition + Lifestyle Protocol

Step-by-Step Support

Month 1 Moonbox

Moon Journal

Luna's Gold

Full Moon Tea

Earth Seeds

Moon Boost

Moon Eaze

Loco Love Chocolate

Month 2 Moonbox

Luna's Lover

Half Moon Tea

Earth Seeds

Moon Shine

Moon Clay

Loco Love Chocolate

Month 3 Moonbox

Luna's Beets

Earth Seeds

Moon Mask

Moon Mist

Moon Soak

Loco Love Chocolate

All Products are 100% Natural. Organic. Vegan. Ethically Sourced.

No compromises.

No toxins, parabens, PEGs, sulfates (SLS/SLES), GMOs, synthetics, animal testing.

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This in-depth E-book provides you with a natural approach and actionable steps to help you get to the root cause of your period problems so that you can say goodbye to them for good.

Beat PMS Symptoms

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There is a silent epidemic occuring right now where 85% of women are suffering from estrogen dominance and experiencing monthly symptoms from cramps to cravings, breakouts and breakdowns.

These symptoms are all incredibly common, but are they normal? And how can you relieve these symptoms naturally and in-line with your body and cycle?