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My Moonbox 12-Week Program

My Moonbox is a 12-Week Online Program with monthly Moonbox product deliveries providing you with all of the essential support for epic period health.

Intake is now open. Please choose your plan. 

Note: Your 1st box arrives in line with the commencement of the 12-week program, on approximately November 1st.


per month, for 3 months

$477 $450

upfront payment


52 Reviews


4.98 out of 5

  1. Jascinta Adamson (verified owner)

    Where do I even start! Moonbox has come into my life and provided me with a luxurious morning, evening and monthly period loving routine I could never have created on my own. As I came off the pill my hormones wrecked havoc on my body and my period “symptoms” came back in full force. My Moonbox has helped me rectify the imbalances in my body and enabled me to fully support my hormones in order to have happy, healthy periods. You can truly feel the love behind each of the so carefully researched, prepared and presented products in Moonbox. Some of my favourites are Luna’s Gold which I have daily in the morning, setting up the start my day with a sunshine elixir. The Moon Eaze is an incredible blend of essential oils and which have wrapped up any remaining cramps and literally melted them away. And last bust definitely not least of just a few of my favourites is the Full Moon Tea, not typically a tea kind of girl this blend has been so carefully handcrafted it is wonderfully delicious. Moonbox is the sustainable change I needed to support my periods and redevelop my lifestyle to be in flow with my body. Thank you Nikki for all the wonderful information and continued support empowering woman to be in tune with their bodies and cycles!

  2. Anne H. (verified owner)

    I cannot highly recommend Moonbox enough! No words can describe how amazing the products are. I have been on the pill before for 2 years, 2 yrs ago, but never knew what consequences came with it till I came across Nikki. Not going to lie, it was a miracle because I fell pregnant! I normally hear people say they fall pregnant immediately after the pill or have had pregnancies for not taking the pill properly. I’ve been with my partner for over 2 yrs and haven’t till I came across Nikki, before moonbox released.
    The products are such high quality and the effort she’s put into each product can be seen. From packaging to the actual products and the coaching. It’s taught me a lot about self care and love. Oh and you WILL NOT find a better sleeping mask. Been sleeping like a baby ever since using it and it’s great for needing some blackout time after looking at screens for too long.

  3. Leah (verified owner)

    The products are ALL amazing, the content is amazing and you can tell Nikki has put so much love and research into every little part of this program. Highly recommended to every woman ♥️

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What does the 12-Week program include?

Monthly Moonbox product deliveries

Food For your Cycle Guide

Nutrition + Lifestyle Protocol

Step-by-Step Support

Month 1 Moonbox

Moon Journal

Luna's Gold

Full Moon Tea

Earth Seeds

Moon Boost

Moon Eaze

Loco Love Chocolate

Month 2 Moonbox

Luna's Lover

Half Moon Tea

Earth Seeds

Moon Shine

Moon Clay

Loco Love Chocolate

Month 3 Moonbox

Luna's Beets

Earth Seeds

Moon Mask

Moon Mist

Moon Soak

Loco Love Chocolate

All Products are 100% Natural. Organic. Vegan. Ethically Sourced.

No compromises.

No toxins, parabens, PEGs, sulfates (SLS/SLES), GMOs, synthetics, animal testing.

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