How Your Maintenance Box Works

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Our message here is “consistency is queen” when it comes to your hormones. As you know, it takes 100 days to reset your hormones but after that the journey doesn’t stop.

As you approach the final weeks of your Moonbox subscription, we’ve developed a product that can help you continue the amazing work you’ve begun healing your menstrual health and becoming more in-tune with your body.

Say hello to the Moonbox Maintenance Box.

So – how does the Maintenance Box work? It’s simple! Every month you can continue to receive the Moonbox products that you love and maybe even try out some new ones too.

First, choose your tea from New Moon Tea, Half Moon Tea and Full Moon Tea.

Then choose from any of your favourite elixirs: Luna’s Lover, Luna’s Gold, Luna’s Beets or Luna’s Matcha.

These form the basic box, but then you can choose from any Moonbox product to add in to your box. Ran out of Moon Clay? Need a bit more Moon Mist in your life? Or maybe you want a few extra Loco Love chocolates? Who wouldn’t! And even better – you can choose different add-ons each month.

The Maintenance Box is not a 3-month subscription like before, you can cancel your monthly subscription any time.

We would hate for you to have to say goodbye to the critical support the Moonbox products provide, which is why we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible to keep up with your deliveries whilst you continue to work your way through the Members Area content and strive towards your period goals.

Don’t want to say goodbye to your monthly delivery? CLICK HERE.

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