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Access to our Private Members Area and video led 12-week program with 42 videos and 20+ PDF downloads. Find everything you need to know about becoming more in tune with your cycle, reducing PMS and cramps and supporting yourself on or in the transition off hormonal contraception.

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Monthly deliveries of unique hormone lovin’ Moonbox products, specifically formulated to support you throughout your entire cycle. All 100% natural, organic and vegan. After the initial 12 weeks you can choose to continue receiving your favourite Moonbox products.


Access the private Facebook group and connect with a thriving community of women on the same journey as you! Share your experience and ask for support. Chat directly with our very own dedicated Moonbox naturopath, as well as Nikki, the period expert and founder of My Moonbox.


The 100+ page E-Protocol which covers all the foundations of nutrition and lifestyle that influence the health of your hormones. Secondly, the Food For your Cycle Guide with 12-weeks of hormone nourishing recipes, meal plans, shopping lists and supplement guides. 

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  1. Prabina Lord-Doyle (verified owner)

    There is nothing like this on the market! I love every single moon box product – all vegan, organic and 100% natural and sourced with real love/attention to detail. The video content ensures you are on track and can get the most out of the products and stabilise your hormones correctly. I’ve learnt so much reading through the content/helpful tips/ebooks etc and I’ve found the recipes so helpful. I cannot recommend this enough! Nikki herself is a true visionary and cares so much about women’s health. xoxoxo

  2. Amy Sinclair (verified owner)

    I came across Moonbox through IG from a recommendation from @sarahlizking exactly when I was looking for guidance around coming off the pill in early 2019.
    Joining this community of women has been the most empowering thing I ever done for myself.
    I was lucky enough to be a founding member and I absolutely adore the products and use them on the daily.
    Nikki’s passion and vibe for life shine through every aspect of this program from the small check in posts on the fb page to the education tools for cooking and eating nourishing foods for our hormones. So many of the recipes are staples in my life now! I don’t go anywhere with out some tea or Earth seeds!!!
    Making my hormones a priority and educating myself has been the no. 1!!!
    So much love!

  3. Sari (verified owner)

    This is definitely a change you must be ready to work with and really tune into your body. It takes time and patience but for me my moonbox has taught me a lot about nutrition and how a normal cycle should work! There’s heaps of information a long the way and so much support from the Facebook group! The products in the monthly delivery are amazing, I use them everyday and will be adopted into life after this program. Nikki is an inspiration to all woman! Would highly recommend this program to any woman wanting to improve their lifestyle and have happy horomones!

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