Weekly Cycle Care

Week 1: Preparation & Setting Yourself Up For Success

This week is all about preparation and setting yourself up for success!

Each week a new video will be released breaking down the 12-Week Hormone Reset E-Book into bite sized chunks! Every video will provide you with a certain “focus” and “cycle-care challenge” for the week ahead to help keep you on track and to avoid any overwhelm 😍

Week 2: Nourishing Your Body

Credit for image: Thank you to all the girls who’ve put their recipes up in the FB group! 😘

This week is all about nourishing your body with the foods that specifically make your hormones humm…whilst starting to eliminate those that don’t, because let’s be honest there are certain foods that are going to get in the way of achieving your period goals!

Week 3: Next Steps & Eliminating Withdrawl Symptoms

Last week you began to eliminate gluten, dairy and sugar. That is by far the hardest week of the program and you may be fighting some common withdrawal symptoms!

We will go through how to eliminate these, and what your next steps are!

Week 4: Caffeine And Carbohydrates!

This is the last week focused on your diet!

This week is all about caffeine and carbohydrates! 

Inside let’s discover why it’s important to learn how caffeine affects our menstrual health & grab some important resources that might help!

Week 5: Exercise and Your Menstrual Cycle

This week of Moonbox is all about the lifestyle factors that influence hormone health and how we can support the relief of monthly symptoms!
Week 5 begins by focusing on exercise and how we can sync our movement with the different phases of our menstrual cycle.

Week 6: Sleep

Week 6 focus is all on optimizing sleep! A healthy cycle begins with a good night’s sleep.

With loads of additional resources this week, as well as your weekly cycle care challenge and focus!

Week 7: Stress

Week 7’s focus is all on reducing stress and living a life more in flow!

With four videos and accompanying Moon Cycle Phases, a stress support guide and your weekly cycle care challenge and focus!

Week 8: Supplementation

To end our 2nd month of the Moonbox program, the focus is on supplementation. We look at how it can play a very effective role in helping to better support our body to balance hormones, reduce symptoms such as cramps, mood swings and acne, as well as better supporting those who are on hormonal birth control, or transitioning off it, in order to reduce the risk of side effects and improve health whilst using the contraception.

We also take a deeper dive into the importance of Vitamin D for your periods.

Week 9: Detoxification

It’s the last month of the 12 week program and it’s time to look at optimizing your detoxification system and reducing your exposure to environmental toxins which is absolutely essential for resetting hormones and creating lifelong vibrant health.

Week 10: Gut Health

In Week 10 we continue our journey of de-toxification. This week we look at gut health which is SO important for your menstrual health. We interview our naturopath Lucy, learn more about gut health and the pill and why hydration is important.

Week 11: Reintroduction

These next two weeks we will be walking through how to properly reintroduce the foods we have eliminated for the past 10 weeks! This is about becoming your own health detective and discovering how these foods affect you, or if they work for you!

Week 12: Achievement

A big high five to you beautiful! YOU’VE. DONE. IT!!! You’ve completed the Moonbox 12 Week Program.

So, what’s next?

Weekly Cycle Care