Month 1

You receive your first Moonbox within 3-7 days of signing up. This box has been intentionally created to kickstart your journey towards happier, healthier periods.

Earth Seeds

The perfect sprinkle of cycle-loving protein, essential fatty acids & fibre added to any meal!

The ultimate seed trio for your body to thrive every day of the month, whilst also doing wonders for your digestion & skin.

Luna's Gold

This is a powerful turmeric infusion of adaptogenic herbs and spices for the body and mind, promoting vitality & ultimate balance from within. It’s a delicious coffee alternative, enjoyed hot or cold and is sure to satisfy those cheeky cravings at any time of the day.

Moon Boost

A high-quality boost of magnesium. Boost your moods, energy, sleep and cycle experience.

Known as the “magic period mineral”, this is a safe and effective way to supplement with magnesium.

Full Moon Tea

A blend of organic herbs and florals to leave you feeling balanced and grounded.

This supportive feminine brew offers earthy notes of nettle with hints of ginger and sweet rose.

Moon Journal

An essential part of the Moonbox Program is embracing the daily practice of journaling.​

Your Moon Journal includes a menstrual cycle tracking chart and daily writing prompts guiding you over the 12 weeks.

Loco Love Chocolate

In each month of Moonbox you’ll receive different flavours of Loco Love artisanal chocolates…made with benefits 😉

All recipes are developed by a qualified naturopath, made in Byron Bay

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