Month 2

You receive your second Moonbox a month after your first delivery. Month 2 is designed to help you stay consistent whilst specifically nourishing your adrenals, supporting detoxification and naturally enhancing skin health.

Earth Seeds

The perfect sprinkle of cycle-loving protein, essential fatty acids & fibre added to any meal!

The ultimate seed trio for your body to thrive every day of the month, whilst also doing wonders for your digestion & skin.

Moon Shine

One drop for all your spots and let your skin shine!

This pure blend of essential oils packs a punch featuring 3 of the most potent, purposefully selected plant oils individually known for their skin lovin’ blemish fighting powers.

Luna's Lover

A nourishing, arousing and decadent hot chocolate – with raw organic cacao and cycle lovin’ adaptogens like reishi and ashwagandha. 

Delicious and rich in all of the minerals and antioxidants that will enhance your wellbeing

Half Moon Tea

Our naturopath has thoughtfully crafted this blend to leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed from within. This is the perfect detox tea for your cycle, specifically formulated with your liver in mind. Why? Because your liver health is crucial for healthy balanced hormones.

Moon Clay

A terrifically powerful antioxidant rich facial mask made from 100% Australian Pink Clay.

When used regularly, pink clay deeply purifies & revitalises your skin working to protect the face against impurities and breakouts.

Loco Love Chocolate

In each month of Moonbox you’ll receive different flavours of Loco Love artisanal chocolates…made with benefits 😉

All recipes are developed by a qualified naturopath, made in Byron Bay

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