Acne Moonbox Starter Kit

Acne Moonbox - Starter Kit




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Save your hormonal health from popping those painkillers & relieve cramps the natural way!

At Moonbox we are all about natural long term solutions.

To eliminate cramps for good you need to understand what is causing them so that you can adopt a daily cycle-care routine that keeps your hormones balanced and periods pain-free each and every month.

All you need to know right now is that the cause of your cramps has to do with hormone like compounds called prostaglandins. They are involved in the constriction of blood vessels in your uterus causing contractions and the shedding of your endometrial lining (hello period).

The more prostaglandins you have, the worse your cramps.

These products in the Cramps Moonbox work to help reduce the production of inflammatory prostaglandins causing period pain.

How will the Acne Moonbox - Starter Kit fit into my Cycle-Care Routine:

Forms part of your morning and/or evening cycle-care routine. 10 sprays onto your tummy in the morning whilst you brush your teeth and a few sprays onto your feet in the evening to help you drift off to sleep!


“Best. Decision. Ever. Within 4 months my period had gone from painful cramps, PMS, bloating and 39 day cycle to 29 day cycle with no pain or other symptoms!”


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