Endo Moonbox

Endometriosis Support Moonbox - Essentials Kit




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This is the ultimate Moonbox for supporting women with endometriosis, whether you’re on or off hormonal contraception, these products will effectively provide your body with nourishment and care in addition to your individualised endometriosis support plan.

Managing endometriosis can be emotionally and physically exhausting and treatment requires a personalised holistic approach that works to support immune function and reduce inflammation. Addressing diet, lifestyle and supplements can make a huge difference for symptoms and quality of life. To compliment this Moonbox we recommend our Cycle-Essentials E-Book Bundle which covers nutritional and lifestyle foundations of support.

Luna’s Gold
Providing your body with potent anti-inflammatory nutrients to support healthy estrogen metabolism & liver detoxification essential for endo; as well as adaptogens like maca & shatavari which are traditionally used to restore hormone balance, boost libido, fertility & moods. Learn More.

Moon Boost
Pure magnesium chloride which is an essential mineral for all hormonal conditions. Magnesium is known to help with inflammation causing pain and supporting hormone health. Magnesium is particularly important if you’re on the pill, as the pill depletes the body’s magnesium stores. Learn More.

Half Moon Tea
This naturopath formulated tea was specifically formulated by our naturopath to with your liver & gut in mind. We need the liver & gut to be functioning at their optimal for optimal menstrual health. Learn More.

New Moon Tea
This tea was specifically formulated by our naturopath for cramps so that you can say goodbye to painkillers. Learn More.

Moon Eaze
A powerful blend of therapeutic essential oils designed to support physical and emotional balance. Learn More.

Earth Seeds
This powerful seed trio provides your body with the fibre, protein & essential fatty acids essential to helping the fight against inflammation & imbalances causing symptoms. Learn More.

Unbox the Endometriosis Support Moonbox with Nikki

Learn how the products inside this Moonbox support your body when it comes to endometriosis
Take a holistic approach to endometriosis!

How will the Endometriosis Support Moonbox - Essentials Kit fit into my Cycle-Care Routine:

Your endo support essentials:

Luna’s Gold ☀️
Forms part of your daily cycle-care drinking habits. A delicious morning brew and great coffee alternative to be enjoyed consistently every day of the month.

Moon Boost 🌙
Forms part of your morning and/or evening cycle-care routine. 10 sprays onto your tummy in the morning whilst you brush your teeth and few sprays onto your feet in the evening to help you drift off to sleep!

New & Half Moon Tea ☕
Forms part of your daily cycle-care drinking habits. Enjoy for every day balance, hot or cold!

Moon Eaze 💧
Got cramps? Roll liberally onto your lower abdomen. Anxiety? Roll over your chest, or area of discomfort. Headache? Roll onto your temples. Moody? Roll onto your wrists, inhale and exhale any discomforts away.

Earth Seeds 🥜
Make every meal hormone healthy with a sprinkle of Earth Seeds.
“I’ve had a long history of medical issues including endometriosis and Moonbox has given more knowledge than I’ve received from most specialists! It gave me back control of my cycle. I highly recommend giving it a try.”

Hero Products

Moon Boost
If there is one “must-have” product for healthier cycles, this is it. Give yourself a high-quality boost of magnesium and in turn boost your moods, energy, sleep and cycle experience. Learn More.
Luna’s Gold
Our naturopath has formulated Luna’s Gold to be your all in one anti-inflammatory & antioxidant packed support throughout your entire cycle. Learn More.
new moon tea
New Moon Tea
New Moon Tea was specifically formulated for cramps utilising the potent soothing herbs of cramp bark and raspberry leaf. Learn More.
Half Moon Tea
This is a powerful detox tea for your cycle, specifically formulated with your liver in mind. Why? Because your liver is responsible for the metabolism of hormones, specifically the breakdown and removal of estrogen from the body.Learn More.
Moon Eaze
A pure blend of essential oils that work in harmony with the body to support a woman throughout her feminine cycle. Learn More.
Earth Seeds
A pure blend of essential oils that work in harmony with the body to support a woman throughout her feminine cycle. Learn More.

Complete Your Cycle Care

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