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This in-depth, beautifully designed & illustrated E-book Bundle is for any woman who wants to upgrade their hormonal health, periods, fertility and overall well being.

When it comes to mood swings, breast tenderness, acne, cramps, low energy, no libido, missing, heavy or irregular periods and all other period problems – every one of these symptoms have a root cause. Yet we are often told menstrual suffering is a normal part of being a woman. It’s not!

Diet, lifestyle, environmental factors, stress and toxin exposure cause havoc for our hormones and create unwanted symptoms that stop you from feeling & functioning at your best throughout the entire month. When ignored, these symptoms can get worse. But the good news is that by making changes in your diet & lifestyle you can reclaim your hormonal health, say goodbye to unwanted symptoms and live your life to the fullest.

This E-book Bundle teaches you exactly how. No strict diets or rules, no overwhelm or confusion, just effective, easy to follow guidance for optimising how you experience your cycle.

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What’s inside the Hormone Reset e-Book?

130+ pages of…

Discovering the root cause of your symptoms

Learn the common causes of period problems to better understand how to make effective changes to restore your body back to balance for lasting improvement.

Liver & gut health

Optimise your liver and gut health for efficient hormone metabolism & detoxification. When these systems aren’t functioning at their best, your hormones can’t function at their best!

Journal prompts

These prompts are designed to help you reconnect with your body, release negative stories around your period & heal your relationship with your cycle.

Cycle syncing exercise chart

Learn how to match your exercise type & intensity with the different phases of your cycle so that you are working with your hormonal fluctuations, instead of against them.

What’s inside the Hormone Reset Ebook?

130+ pages of…

Environmental influences

Understand how environmental factors impact your hormonal health, how to detox and reduce toxicity exposure to achieve optimal balance.

Lifestyle recommendations

The quality of your sleep, level of stress, type & regularity of exercise & self-care practices all impact your hormones & periods. Learn how to optimise all of these areas and more with step by step guidance.

Nutrition & dietary guidance

Understand how your diet is connected to your menstrual cycle and learn the foods that support hormonal health versus those that contribute to worsening symptoms so that you are nourishing your body for symptom-free periods.

What’s inside the Food For Your Cycle e-Book?

100+ pages of…


Nutritionist developed recipes (with pictures) that are all gluten free, dairy free, sugar free & adaptable for all dietary preferences. All delicious, easy to make & hormone healthy!

Create your own hormone loving meal guide

Learn how to create your own hormone supportive meals that tick all of the boxes when it comes to the right protein, carbs, fibre & healthy fats our hormones need to thrive! Beautiful illustrations make this easy to do.

Shopping lists

Take away the overwhelm or endless trolling of supermarket aisles feeling unsure what foods to buy for healthy hormones! This shopping list inspires you with an abundance of foods that will get you excited & started on the path to optimal menstrual health.

What’s inside the Hormone Reset Ebook?

130+ pages of…

12-week meal plan

Follow this meal plan or create your own! This is an easy plan to help you stay consistent with eating hormone healthy meals throughout the week. Don’t worry, it’s not about being “perfect”, it’s about being consistent.

Supplement guide

Food comes first but nutritional supplements can also be necessary for specific hormonal imbalances & symptoms. Discover which supplements may be supportive for your unique symptoms and current state of health.

This is the essential knowledge & education…

...every woman deserves to know & should have had since the beginning!

For greatest period improvements...

A holistic approach is key. Whilst addressing certain dietary & lifestyle factors that impact hormonal health is going to set the strongest foundations for experiencing healthier, happier periods you can also benefit by introducing cycle essential products. We recommend viewing our individual products:

Do you experience…

– Mood swings
– Cramps
– Low energy
– No libido
– Breakouts
– Heavy, irregular or missing periods

These symptoms are common, but not a normal or inevitable part of your period.

Imagine a life without all of those frustrating & painful symptoms and conditions….

Where you can feel naturally energised, joyful & vibrant throughout the entire month!

You can experience all of this and more, and the fact that you’re reading this means that you’re ready and committed to making it a reality!

This Ebook provides you with practical and effective steps to balance hormones naturally and say buh-bye to period problems for good.

For greatest period improvement...

A holistic approach is key. Whilst addressing certain dietary & lifestyle factors that impact hormonal health is going to set the strongest foundations for experiencing healthier, happier periods you can also benefit by introducing cycle essential products. We recommend viewing our individual products:

You don’t have to be at the mercy of your hormones anymore – you can take control of your body.

Your journey back to health starts with uncovering the source of your period problems. Discover how in this E-book Bundle.



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This in-depth Ebook Bundle is designed for any woman who wants to learn how to live their life in support of their hormonal health for better periods, optimised fertility and overall enhanced wellness. The foundations of nutrition & lifestyle covered in these E-books are applicable & beneficial for every woman and her cycle no matter where you are in your health journey.

- PMS or PMDD (tender breasts, cravings, bloating, mood swings, anxiety, depression)

- Period paid


- Endometriosis

- Fibroids

- Hormonal acne

- Sleep disturbances/insomnia 

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to fixing your period problems or optimising your overall hormonal health this EBook guides you through the nutrition and lifestyle changes essential for restoring balance and overall health.


Learn how to live your life in support of your hormones for the real, lasting cycle transformation to take place.


130+ pages of…


- Get to know your period – learn what is a normal period VS what isn’t

- Learn the causes of common period problems and how to restore your body and hormones back to balance for a better period in just a few months!

- Journal Prompts to help you reconnect with your body & heal your relationship with your cycle.

- Nutritional Guidance – understand the foods that interfere with hormonal health VS foods that nourish hormones

- The importance of gut health & your periods plus tips to restore microbiome balance.

- How to exercise for the different phases of your cycle 

- How to optimise your night time routine to better sleep quality and quantity 

- Self-care and stress management tools 

- How to detox for hormonal health & reduce toxicity exposure 


And so much more!

From front to back this guide will remove all of the confusion you have around what foods, drinks and supplements are best for optimal menstrual health.


Inside are the collected workings of our team of period experts, naturopaths and nutritionists. By following the nutritional guidelines you will help your body enhance estrogen detoxification, stabilise your blood sugar levels, boost your energy, digestion and overall support hormone balance so that you can experience the healthy periods every woman deserves.


80+ pages of…


- Learn how to eat your way to healthier symptom-free periods without dieting!

- Nutritionist developed recipes, meal plans & shopping lists designed to nourish hormones and leave you feeling balanced & energised! (all GF, DF & SF; suited & adaptable for all dietary preferences)

- In-depth break down of the foods that nourish hormones & how to build your own meals

- Learn how to shift your mindset around food

- Supplement Guide & Symptom Cheat Sheet to help hack your cycle symptoms

- Daily Cycle-Care checklist & journaling prompts

Absolutely - all nutritionist developed recipes are all gluten free, dairy free, sugar free & adaptable for all dietary preferences including vegetarian, and those who are vegan.

No, we don’t believe in a “diet” or “one-size fits all” approach to hormonal health. 


This ebook uncovers the main foods that contribute to period problems, and the ones that help your hormones to thrive. This is about gaining more awareness around how your dietary choices do impact your menstrual health and then experimenting with what works best for you to help you thrive. 


We do recommend in the E-book a trial elimination diet to discover what foods may be contributing to your symptoms - but it’s completely up to you as to what guidance you want to implement. 

The E-book helps you to lay strong groundwork for regaining balance, and then Moonbox provides provide your body with the extra support and nourishment to fastrack improvement and alleviate symptoms on-going. 


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This E-book was written by Nikki, Founder of My Moonbox, Nutritionist & Period Expert along with our team of nutritionists & naturopaths to ensure you get the best, qualified guidance & education about your menstrual health backed by science.

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