Luna’s Gold Turmeric Latte


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Adaptogen Elixir

Say hello to your new favourite, go-to brew!

Our naturopath has formulated Luna’s Gold to be your all in one anti-inflammatory & antioxidant packed support throughout your entire cycle. Because who doesn’t want a body that feels on its best game every day of the month?!

A delicious coffee alternative, and powerful infusion of adaptogenic herbs & spices traditionally used to promote healthy balanced hormones, moods, energy levels & libido!

This isn’t any ordinary “turmeric latte”. This reproductive tonic is formulated with the highest grade turmeric containing 8% curcumin compared to the average 3% from regular store bought turmeric. Curcumin is the compound in turmeric with the anti-inflammatory properties that benefit your cycle.

100% Natural

Certified Organic


Proven Support

100% Natural

Certified Organic

Practitioner Formulated

Proven Support

What's Inside


Organic Maca Root

An adaptogenic herb, best known for improving libido, supporting energy levels & better moods. It supports your whole endocrine system, helping to regulate the body’s response to stress.


Organic Shatavari

An adaptogenic powerhouse traditionally used as a female reproductive tonic, supporting fertility, the menstrual cycle, and hormonal changes.

What's Inside


Organic Turmeric

Well-studied for its anti-inflammatory properties and shown to be beneficial for women with PMS depression, anxiety & endometriosis. Because of its anti-inflammatory effects it can help reduce pain & may benefit women with PCOS.

Luna's Gold

and how it helps support you

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100 day, risk-free trial!

Why? It takes 100 days to reset your hormones.

If you don’t feel any improvements in 100 days we will happily give you a full refund.

What makes Luna’s Gold

your perfect match

For greatest period improvements...

A holistic approach is key. Consuming Luna’s Gold as part of your daily ritual whilst also addressing certain dietary & lifestyle factors that impact hormonal health is going to set the strongest foundations for experiencing healthier, happier periods. We recommend our Healthy Hormones, Happier Periods Ebook Bundle to show you how.

A Luna’s Gold a day keeps the period problems at bay!

Mood swings, cramps, low energy, no libido? We hear you. These symptoms are common, but not a normal or inevitable part of your period. Thanks to Lunas Gold, that time of the month doesn’t have to be something you dread.

How to Use Luna's Gold

Designed to be enjoyed every day of the month! In a saucepan combine 1-2 tsp with 1 cup of your favourite nut milk. Add 1 tsp of Ghee or Coconut oil to enhance absorption. Heat & stir then pour into a blender to create a frothy, smooth Luna’s Gold Latte.

For greatest period improvement...

A holistic approach is key. Consuming Luna’s Gold as part of your daily ritual whilst also addressing certain dietary & lifestyle factors that impact hormonal health is going to set the strongest foundations for experiencing healthier, happier periods. We recommend our Healthy Hormones, Happier Periods Ebook Bundle to show you how.

Experience more energy.
Balanced Moods.
Deeper Sleep.
Better periods.



Luna’s Gold has been formulated by our naturopaths to benefit every woman and her cycle. Luna’s Gold is for you if you suffer from symptoms or have conditions such as:
- Breast tenderness
- Hormonal acne
- Mood swings
- Cramps
- Low libido
- Endometriosis / adenomyosis
- Fibroids
- Fertility challenges
- If you are on hormonal birth control

There are 30 servings in 1 packet of Lunas Gold. With recommended daily consumption, 1 packet should last up to 2 months.

Luna’s Gold is delicious! Its blend of turmeric with maca & shatavari give it an earthy, sweet, caramel, malt like flavour. Even those who don’t like turmeric love Lunas Gold.

We recommend drinking 1-2 cups of Luna’s Gold per day, throughout the entire month.


Your hormones love consistency, and the herbs & adaptogens in this blend take up to 3 menstrual cycles (around 12 weeks) to build up and work on the body. However many of our customers experience improvements within their first cycle.

Yes. Luna’s Gold is naturally caffeine free.

Traditionally the ingredients used in Lunas Gold are consumed during pregnancy and breastfeeding. However, there are no clinical studies that currently evaluate the safety of maca (an ingredient in Lunas Gold) during pregnancy as with many natural remedies, so we advise you to check with your healthcare professional before deciding whether to start using Lunas Gold while pregnant.

Yes, in fact it is recommended to support your body whilst on hormonal contraception in order to safeguard against side effects and symptoms. Hormonal birth control causes inflammation within the body, and Luna’ s Gold contains ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties, and adaptogens that will support mood, energy + libido.

Everyone is different depending on their unique biology, current nutritional & lifestyle practices and state of health.

Some of the benefits of Luna’s Gold may be felt instantaneously whilst others may experience subtle influences at first and notice cumulative effects developing over time when it comes to mood, libido, severity of symptoms and period regularity.

For greatest results we recommend consuming Luna's Gold regularly for at least 3 menstrual cycles (100 days). It is designed to become a part of your lifestyle & daily ritual for nourishing hormonal health for the long-term.

The tonic herbs used in our Luna’s Elixirs contain properties that are defined as ‘adaptogenic'. Adaptogens are remarkable substances that have been known over centuries of use to help the human body adapt to stress, support normal metabolic processes, and restore balance. They increase the body’s resistance to physical, biological, emotional, and environmental stressors and promote normal physiologic function.

Adaptogenic herbs have been found to balance the body’s energies, endocrine hormones, modulate the immune system and allow the body to maintain optimal health. We all deal with stress every day, and our bodies strive to adapt and keep balanced and healthy. It’s very important to learn healthy stress reduction practices to maintain balance to lead a long healthy life. We can use adaptogenic herbs as tools to help combat our daily stresses and stay grounded.

Medicinal mushrooms we use in our Luna’s Elixirs are from a kingdom of herbs that are very powerful health-promoting agents. According to ancient texts and scientific studies, close to 700 varieties are believed to have preventative and therapeutic properties beneficial to human health. People have been consuming mushrooms for thousands of years for the many great benefits that they offer. Their power and incredible intelligence work to predominantly train, build and rejuvenate systems within the body, enhancing not just your hormonal health, digestive function & immunity but overall vitality. These nourishing tonics help build the body's resistance to stress, aid in detoxification, affect the blood, protect and support the functions of the heart, liver, adrenals, kidneys, lungs, skin, and joints.

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