Luna's Lover


Healthy Cacao Elixir



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A nourishing, arousing and decadent hot chocolate – with raw organic cacao and cycle supportive adaptogens like reishi and ashwagandha. Reishi is known for its ability to help the body adapt to stress, and ashwagandha is recognised for its ability to support hormonal balance, energy, moods and also down-regulate the body’s stress response.

These supportive properties are essential when it comes to achieving healthy balanced hormones & regular periods.

This blend is not only ridiculously delicious but rich in all of the minerals and antioxidants that will enhance your cycle experience, every day of the month.

Certified Organic Raw Cacao
Certified Organic Mesquite
Certified Organic Ashwagandha

How many cups per day should I be drinking?

We recommend drinking 1 cup of Luna’s Lover per day. Maximum two cups.

Is Luna’s Lover caffeine free?

Cacao contains a similar alkaloid in it to caffeine known as theobromine. Both are stimulants and have similar structures however are very different chemicals with different properties. Theobromine can provide a similar feeling of euphoria and contentment, however it doesn’t affect your central nervous system like caffeine does. It gives you a smoother, crash-free boost of energy without leaving you feeling nervous or jittery and it is non-addictive.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding safe?

Not suitable for pregnancy or breastfeeding, before introducing any Moonbox product please consult your healthcare provider.

The adaptogen, Ashwaganda has not been proven safe whilst pregnant. It has been used in Ayurveda for centuries to boost milk production as it helps regulate the stress response. Reishi is classified as a Safety Class 1A herb. 

Is Reishi a magic mushroom? 

We think so. Reishi helps your body do many things, but hallucination is not one of them! ;)

Is it Vegan/Sugar-free/dairy-free/gluten-free?

Yes, all our Moonbox products are all of the above.

How to Use Luna's Lover

In a saucepan combine 1-2 tbsp with 1 cup of your favourite nut milk. Add raw organic honey, maple syrup or stevia, if desired. Heat & stir then blend to create a frothy, smooth Luna’s Lover Latte. You can also enjoy blended with ice, mixed into oatmeal, pancakes, raw cakes, smoothies & bliss balls.

Luna's lover - Cacao rich in magnesium

Hot Chocolate for healthy hormones ☕ Yay!

Where does it fit into my cycle-care routine?

Consume daily & consistently for 6-12 weeks to allow for the blend’s benefits to take full effect on your menstrual cycle.

In the AM ☀️

Your new morning routine that will have you starting your day smiling ear to ear with every sip!

In the PM 🌙

The most nourishing way to get a good night’s sleep. Tastes like a chocolate dessert. Feels like a dream. It’s the best way to leave your stress behind, & feel great the next day.


“I love my Luna’s Lover in the evening to help kick my chocolate craving, so tasty and delicious.”


Hero Ingredients


Organic Cacao

It is one of the richest natural food sources of magnesium, necessary for stress adaptation, restful sleep, reduction in PMS symptoms and over 300 other biochemical processes. It boosts energy without the crash, and contains happy hormone neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine which assist feelings of wellbeing and resilience to stress and anxiety.


One of the most studied herbs in the world recognised as a powerful immune herb and adaptogen – for its ability to help us adapt to stress, support moods and promote peaceful sleep. Studies show that reishi may help ease symptoms of PCOS, hirsutism and acne by exerting an anti-androgenic effect in the body.


Organic Ashwagandha

A tonic herb used for over six thousand years (an Ayurvedic rasayana) treasured for its ability to support hormonal balance, libido, energy, steady moods and down-regulate the body’s stress response. High iron content, not suitable for pregnant women.

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