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Matcha Mushroom Elixir



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This isn’t any ordinary matcha powder. Not only have we sourced the most premium grade certified organic matcha straight from its home country Japan (delivered fresh to our suppliers weekly), but this Matcha is blended with medicinal mushroom & herbs for extra hormone benefits.

Jing herbs are used to cultivate energy in the adrenals, and support healthy hormone function & libido; Tremella mushroom is known for its powerful hydrating & beautifying benefits for your skin; and Matcha contains a variety of compounds that reduce inflammation, support the liver, improve insulin sensitivity and more. This combination of factors means you get tons of benefits when you use Luna’s Matcha for hormone balance.

100% premium grade certified organic Japanese Matcha
Jing: a blend of Eucommia bark, cultivated cordyceps CS-4, goji berry, rehmannia root, cistanche stem, dendrobium stem extract powders *dual extract
Certified Organic Mesquite

Does Matcha help to balance hormones? 

Matcha has anti-inflammatory, liver-friendly and detox-friendly properties that make it one of the best types of green tea for hormonal imbalance. It helps to: 

– Supports liver function which is responsible for detoxification & elimination of excess hormones.
– Increases insulin sensitivity & regulates blood sugar which is very helpful for hormone-related issues like weight gain, mood swings, PMS, PCOS or sleep problems (all of which are strongly influenced by insulin and blood sugar).
– Lowers inflammation, which is the underlying cause of hormonal imbalances & period symptoms. 
– Provides relief for the adrenals by helping to reduce cortisol. This is beneficial as higher levels of cortisol decrease hormone progesterone.  

Doesn’t Matcha contain caffeine?

Yes matcha is naturally caffeinated, however unlike coffee’s stimulating effects on your adrenals and spike in cortisol (which can mess with hormones), Matcha contains a major amino acid L-theanine which ensures a slow and sustained release of caffeine into the blood-stream that works to avoid the jitters and crashes that caffeine can cause. L-theanine exhibits a stress-reducing and relaxation effect, so Lunas Matcha is a perfect coffee alternative. 

Is matcha OK for adrenal fatigue?

Since matcha causes less agitation, reduces cortisol and reduces stress, it can be beneficial for adrenal fatigue. Just make sure to consume moderately (about 2 cups a day) to start.

Is matcha good for PCOS?

Matcha green tea has been shown to improve insulin resistance and reduce testosterone levels in women with PCOS. Therefore, it’s a good idea to use green tea, in the form of matcha, for PCOS support.

Is Matcha good for your gut?

Since gut health is strongly influenced by stress and inflammation, matcha’s anti-inflammatory properties can be very soothing for the gut.

How to use Luna’s Matcha

Consume daily & consistently for 6-12 weeks to allow for the blend’s benefits to take full effect on your menstrual cycle. In a saucepan combine 1tsp with 1 cup of your favourite nut milk. Heat & stir, then pour into a blender to create a frothy, smooth Lunas Matcha Latte. You can also enjoy Lunas Matcha blended with ice or, mixed into oatmeal, pancakes, raw cakes, smoothies & bliss balls.

Matcha tea

Matcha is the perfect match for healthy hormones 😍

Where does it fit into my cycle-care routine?

In the AM ☀️

Ditch the caffeine for the love of your hormones & replace it with Luna’s Matcha to give you a morning energy boost!

In the PM 🌙

An after lunch pick-me-up to beat the mid-afternoon slump.


“One of the best matchas I’ve ever had. Will definitely be buying more!”


Hero Ingredients


Premium Organic Matcha

Matcha is 100% powdered green tea leaves and has 137 times more antioxidants than regular brewed green tea. One serving of matcha is the nutritional equivalent of 10 cups of regularly brewed green tea providing your body with a stable and extended boost of energy throughout the day.

economia bark


Jing is an incredible kidney and adrenal blend that supports hormone function, boosts libido and restores core energy! We source all of our herbs, tonics and mushrooms used in our Moonbox products from Superfeast to ensure you’re getting the best quality available on the market.



Known as the “beautifying mushroom”, Tremella is high in antioxidants that naturally moisturise and nourish the skin, improving elasticity and slowing signs of ageing. We source all of our herbs, tonics and mushrooms from Superfeast to ensure you’re getting the best quality available on the market.

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