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Clay Face Mask



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At Moonbox we are passionate about skincare that is powered by nature, not toxins. Moon Clay is a terrifically powerful antioxidant rich facial mask made from 100% French Pink Clay. When used regularly, pink clay deeply purifies & revitalises your skin working to protect the face against impurities and breakouts. Looking like you’ve slept 9 hours and drink 50 glasses of water every day is easy peasy with Moon Clay.

Pure Pink French Clay

How often do I use Moon Clay?

For best results we recommend using Moon Clay Mask 2-3 times per week for best results. If you have sensitive skin we recommend using Moon Clay once per week.

Is Moon Clay for sensitive skin?

Yes! Pink Clay is known for its amazing benefits for sensitive and dry skin types. Referred to as the most gentle of all the clays, Pink Clay is actually suitable for all skin types because of its very light texture yet deeply restorative properties.

Does Moon Clay help hormonal acne?

Pink Clay is an essential skin care ingredient to help prevent breakouts, reduce inflammation, and even skin tone.

Is Moon Clay cruelty free & vegan friendly?

We love our furry friends and do not test our products on animals, and best of all, our products are vegan friendly too.

How to Use Moon Clay

Step 1: In bamboo bowl, mix 1 heaped spatula of Moon Clay with 1/3 tsp of water to form a paste.

Step 2: Using the brush provided, apply paste evenly to freshly cleansed skin.

Step 3: Remove after 10 mins, with a wet face towel, follow with Moon Mist and your fave moisturizer.

Moon Clay + Your Face = ooooooohhhhhh 😙

Where does it fit into my cycle-care routine?

As part of your morning skincare routine ☺️

Add this to your skin care routine and set your skin up for the best day ever.

Or in your evening skincare routine 🌙

Stressful day? Wind down and give your skin a dreamy bit of self love before sleep.


“Moon Clay feels amazing on the skin and leaves you feeling fresh and light!”


Hero Ingredients

pink clay

100% Pure French Pink Clay

A combination of red and white clay, rich in silica, pink clay helps draw out impurities, reduce inflammation and minimizes blackheads and breakouts.

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