Moon Journal


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An essential part of the Moonbox Program is embracing the daily practice of journaling.​

Your Moon Journal includes a menstrual cycle tracking chart and daily writing prompts guiding you over the 12 weeks where you will:

– Set health goals and intentions
– Learn to observe and record your physical and emotional fluctuations daily
– Track you cycle, symptoms and progress

Journaling will bring about a new level of awareness and acceptance of your body as it transitions through the different phases of your cycle each month.

Keep your Moon Journal next to your bed and get into the habit of journaling first thing in the morning or before bed. By jotting down your thoughts, moods & symptoms (no editing allowed!) you’ll gain deeper insight and understanding into your own menstrual cycle and the unique patterns when it comes to the ebbs and flows of your moods, energy, libido, symptoms & appetite that come with it.

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