Moon Soak Magnesium Bath Flakes


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Magnesium Chloride Bath Flakes.

The essential mineral for every woman’s cycle.

Run yourself a hot bath to relax & unwind with Moon Soak. A calming and rejuvenating soak of Magnesium chloride flakes, organic chamomile flowers, rose & lavender, ideal for Moontime indulgence. Soaking in magnesium flakes can help your body effectively replenish magnesium levels through the skin for rapid absorption into the cells. Magnesium supports healthy periods, balanced moods and deep sleep.

100% Natural

Certified Organic


Proven Support

100% Natural

Certified Organic

Practitioner Formulated

Proven Support

What's Inside

Magnesium Chloride Flakes

Magnesium Chloride Flakes

Our magnesium flakes are harvested from the Dead Sea by utilizing natural solar energy that evaporates the water in the dead sea, naturally concentrating the salt to a very high level. Magnesium plays a vital role in all hormonal processes within the body & is known as the “magic period mineral”.

Chamomile Flowers

Organic Chamomile Flowers

For centuries chamomile has been used for its calming and anti-inflammatory properties, it is a natural relaxant, eases PMS and soothes sensitive skin.

What's Inside

Rose Petals

Certified Rose Petals

Rose petals sprinkled in a bath are the image of luxury and self love. But a rose petal bath isn’t all looks—it can actually enhance your skin and mood. Rosewater soothes irritated skin, brightens your complexion and tightens pores for a smooth appearance.


Certified Lavender Flowers

Mother Nature’s calming hero! Lavender aiding stress and anxiety by soothing the nervous system and is packed with antioxidants to protect, nourish, & soften your skin.

What makes Moon Soak

your perfect match

For greatest cycle improvements...

A holistic approach is key. Using Moon Soak bath flakes whilst also addressing your diet & lifestyle together is foundational for improving your hormonal health and fast-tracking your way to healthier, happier periods. We recommend our Healthy Hormones, Happier Periods Ebook Bundle to show you how.

A relaxing and restorative bath time ritual

This best-selling, sleep-inducing bath soak will harmonise body & mind. But it doesn’t stop there! Magnesium really does live up to its reputation of being the mineral that “does it all”. From cramps to mood swings, headaches, anxiety, stress & poor sleep there are numerous studies showing magnesium is your drug-free route to an all round happier, healthier, cyclic you!

How to use Moon Soak

Around 80% of women are deficient in magnesium so consistently replenishing levels is important for health benefits. Deficiency may reveal itself as: cramps, PMS, anxiety, poor sleep, headaches, sugar cravings and muscle fatigue. Simply pour Moon Soak into a bath or foot tub & relax!

For greatest cycle improvements...

A holistic approach is key. Using Moon Soak bath flakes whilst also addressing your diet & lifestyle together is foundational for improving your hormonal health and fast-tracking your way to healthier, happier periods. We recommend our Healthy Hormones, Happier Periods Ebook Bundle to show you how.

Moon Soak

and how it helps support you

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100 day, risk-free trial!

Why? It takes 100 days to reset your hormones.

If you don’t feel any improvements in 100 days we will happily give you a full refund.

Magnesium has been dubbed by health professionals as the ‘miracle mineral for periods.’

Get your magnesium fix with Moon Soak and be on your way to a healthier, happier cyclic you!



You can use Moon Soak in a bath or footbath.


Foot baths
1. Add ¼-½ of the packet into a foot bath or bucket
2. Ensure your feet are fully submerged
3. Sit and relax for 20 minutes


Full body baths
1. Add ¼-½ of the packet to your bath
2. Increase dosage for a more intensive treatment
3. Lie back and relax for a minimum of 20 minutes


The best time to use Moon Soak is the week prior to and during your period to help prevent or ease symptoms.

Magnesium Flakes are a highly concentrated form of magnesium chloride, a natural form of magnesium. They are an effective way to enjoy the benefits of a magnesium chloride in a bath, fully exposing and replenishing the body with this essential mineral.

When placed in warm water, the Magnesium Flakes dissolve and absorb into your skin. This is known as transdermal magnesium absorption and is a great way to increase magnesium levels, relax the nervous system, and reduce cramping associated with your cycle.

A number of studies have been carried out around magnesium intake and its benefits.


These studies have found that transdermal magnesium absorption (intake through the skin) is a highly effective way to increase magnesium levels.


A convenient alternative to tablets and capsules, transdermal magnesium has several benefits:


- Is easy to apply
- Bypasses the digestive system
- Is universally acceptable and suitable for those with malabsorption issues
- Avoids laxative effect of high oral supplementation doses
- Can bring on immediate benefits

You can use a foot tub or any bucket that fits your feet!

Depending on how much of the packet you choose to use 2-4 baths is ideal.

Magnesium is a mineral essential for balanced moods, healthy skin, energy, sleep, fertility, and regular periods and is involved in all hormonal processes within the body.


Your body's Magnesium reserves are easily depleted under stress, and most people are deficient in Magnesium due to this.


Magnesium is difficult to absorb orally but boosting magnesium levels through the skin can help to conserve stocks within the body, for overall wellbeing and balance. Transdermal absorption (also called topical absorption) has been proven to be the most successful way to replenish the body's magnesium levels.


The time-old tradition of salt bathing is the simplest and most relaxing way to top up your magnesium levels, run a warm bath along with Moon Soak and relax! Dissolving them in a warm bath and then bathing in them encourages absorption into your skin, boosting your body's Magnesium levels.


Benefits of Magnesium flake baths:


- Improving circulation
- Relief from headaches
- Aids sleep
- Helping soothe dry skin and conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and acne
- Improving skin hydration
- Eases cramps associated with PMS 

We recommend using this product in your pre-menstrual week, or whilst on your period to help relax the body and ease any symptoms.

Yes. Magnesium chloride is an essential mineral and plays an important role in your pregnancy. Baths and foot soaks with magnesium flakes are completely safe and a great way to get the mineral into your body.

Yes! Cosmetically, despite being commonly called a form of salt, Magnesium Chloride can actually be hydrating for the body, nourishing sensitive and dry skin. This blend also contains chamomile which is healing for sensitive skin as well.

Magnesium Flakes look similar to Epsom Salts but they are not exactly the same. A key difference between Epsom Salt and Magnesium Chloride Flakes is the rate of absorption into the body. The molecular structure of Magnesium Chloride is much more easily absorbed into the body than that of Epsom Salt. So while both are wonderful, I find the effects of Magnesium Chloride much more intense. Epsom salts are also a lot cheaper than Magnesium flakes as they are made from magnesium sulfate instead of magnesium chloride.

Yes! All of our products are made without parabens, phthalates, sulphates and synthetic fragrance. Every single ingredient is of the highest quality, heavy metal tested for purity and certified organic where possible.

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