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3 boxes over 3 months


or 4 fortnightly payments of $149.75 with Afterpay More info

Moonbox is a period health solution with 3 x monthly product deliveries providing all the education and support for you to understand your hormones, take charge of your menstrual health and thrive.

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Moonbox: Your period support

Watch the video to unbox Month 1 with Nikki, our founder!

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Essential oil that’s essential 🥰

Where does it fit in my day?

Every morning ☀️

Our products are here to support you all day! With Earth Seeds on your breakfast through to Luna’s Gold instead of a coffee!

Every evening 🌙

When the sun sets, Moonbox is still supporting your period. Moon Boost on your belly for a hit of magnesium and a Moon Mask to help you get the best night’s sleep ever!


“I just started Moonbox 2 weeks ago! I am already noticing an improvement in how I feel, in particular my gut (suffer from IBS) has been nowhere near as bad as it usually is! Had my first period and the cramps haven’t lasted as long as usual (only been 2 weeks) and I used Moon Ease instead of taking pain killers and was able to manage getting through the day! So far loving all the content, Nikki is so knowledgeable and it’s amazing how much the things we do impact us! Can’t wait for month 2 and 3 boxes to arrive!!”