new moon tea

New Moon Tea


Cramp Relief Tea



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Got cramps? We have just the tea for you!

New Moon Tea was specifically formulated by our team of naturopaths for cramps utilising the potent soothing herbs of cramp bark and raspberry leaf. This tea is designed to be consumed in the week leading up to, and during menstruation. Sip on New Moon Tea throughout the day and the longer you brew the tea, the more potent and effective the infusion will be.

All ingredients are 100% certified organic.

Cramp Bark
Raspberry leaf

How to Prepare and Serve New Moon Tea

Steep 1-2 tsp of tea in a cup (240ml) of boiling water for 3-5 minutes, or longer for a more potent infusion.

Drink New Moon Tea and become a New Woman 😘

Where does it fit into my cycle-care routine?

Consume 2-4 cups of New Moon Tea in your luteal (pre-menstrual) & menstrual phase.

In the AM! ☀️

Sip on New Moon Tea in the morning to prevent any menstrual woes getting in your way!

In the PM! 🌙

Suffer from cramps in the evening? A hot, steaming New Moon Tea will help!


“I drink New Moon Tea a week before and during my period and it’s just a really nice tea to have at those times and you really notice a reduction in period cramps.”


Hero Ingredients

Organic Cramp Bark

A natural remedy for menstrual cramps, inflammation, fluid retention and headaches.

raspberry leaf

Organic Raspberry Leaf

Raspberry leaf: a well known herb which has been used for thousands of years to tone the uterus and help with menstrual problems, especially cramp relief. Raspberry leaf tea is full of nutrients including iron, calcium, manganese and magnesium, vitamins B1, B3, C, and E.

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