PMS Moonbox - Essentials Kit




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This is the ultimate Moonbox for PMS.

To effectively relieve PMS naturally and for the long term it takes an understanding of what causes symptoms so that you can adopt a daily cycle-care routine that keeps your hormones balanced and menstrual cycle healthy & symptom-free all month long.

When it comes to PMS you’re looking at an imbalance between the hormones estrogen and progesterone, most commonly where estrogen is more dominant. This imbalance is caused by factors such as inflammation, blood sugar imbalance, poor clearance of estrogen, environmental toxins and inadequate levels of progesterone.

The best way to address these factors and combat PMS is with a holistic approach.

The PMS Moonbox is a powerful support promoting overall balance, and is most effective when used to compliment the dietary and lifestyle foundations covered in the Cycle-Essentials E-Book Bundle.
Moon Boost
If there is one “must-have” product for PMS free periods, this is it. Magnesium works it’s menstrual magic by helping to reduce inflammation, regulate blood sugar, improve insulin sensitivity, calm the central nervous system & aid sleep all crucial for healthy production of hormones.Learn More.

Luna’s Gold
There’s a reason this product is one of our best sellers. It’s a naturopath formulated blend of adaptogenic herbs & spices which have been traditionally used to reduce inflammation causing symptoms, enhance hormone balance, boost moods, combat fatigue & sky rocket your libido!Learn More.

Luna’s Lover
For the PMSing chocolate lovers out there, this one’s for you. Beat the premenstrual cravings, fatigue & mood swings with the highest grade mineral dense cacao & cycle supportive adaptogens like reishi and ashwagandha. You won’t want to go a day without this one!Learn More.

Full Moon Tea
This is the tea of all teas for your cycle! Our naturopath has thoughtfully crafted Full Moon Tea with organic florals & herbs to nourish your hormones & have you feeling balanced and grounded with every sip.Learn More.

Moon Eaze
A powerful blend of therapeutic essential oils designed to support physical and emotional balance. Learn More.

Earth Seeds
Make every meal hormone friendly with the perfect sprinkle of protein, essential fatty acids & fibre! One of the most common causes of PMS is a deficiency in essential fatty acids so consistent consumption of Earth Seeds ensures adequate intake, whilst also enhancing digestion & the metabolism of excess hormones!Learn More.

Unbox the PMS Essentials Moonbox with Nikki

Learn how you can support your body using a natural approach to PMS and period symptoms
coffee detox
PMS. Pretty much sucks. Take control of your hormonal health!

How will the PMS Moonbox - Essentials Kit fit into my Cycle-Care Routine:

Your cycle-care PMS support essentials:

Moon Boost 🌙
Forms part of your morning and/or evening cycle-care routine. 10 sprays onto your tummy in the morning whilst you brush your teeth and few sprays onto your feet in the evening to help you drift off to sleep!

Luna’s Gold ☀️
Forms part of your daily cycle-care drinking habits. A delicious morning brew and great coffee alternative to be enjoyed consistently every day of the month.

Luna’s Lover 🍫
Forms part of your daily cycle-care drinking habits. Did someone say chocolate every day? This guilt-free afternoon delight satisfies even the most intense of chocolate cravings.

Full Moon Tea ☕
Forms part of your daily cycle-care drinking habits. Enjoy for every day balance, hot or cold!

Moon Eaze 💧
Got cramps? Roll liberally onto your lower abdomen. Anxiety? Roll over your chest, or area of discomfort. Headache? Roll onto your temples. Moody? Roll onto your wrists, inhale and exhale any discomforts away.

Earth Seeds 🥜
Make every meal hormone healthy with a sprinkle of Earth Seeds.
“I started my Moonbox journey in the beginning of March, wanting to balance hormones and get rid of pimples and debilitating period pain that I have struggled with for 15 (!!!) years! I am extremely happy to share that I have now had 3 periods in a row with NO period pain, PMS or pimples!”
 – IRIS H.

Hero Products

Moon Boost
If there is one “must-have” product for healthier cycles, this is it. Give yourself a high-quality boost of magnesium and in turn boost your moods, energy, sleep and cycle experience. Learn More.
Luna’s Gold
Our naturopath has formulated Luna’s Gold to be your all in one anti-inflammatory & antioxidant packed support throughout your entire cycle. Learn More.
full moon tea
Full Moon Tea
The ingredients in this tea have been traditionally used to promote healthy balanced cycles. This supportive feminine brew offers earthy notes of nettle with hints of ginger and sweet rose. Learn More.
Luna’s Lover
This blend is not only ridiculously delicious but rich in all of the minerals and antioxidants that will enhance your cycle experience, every day of the month. Learn More.
Moon Eaze
A pure blend of essential oils that work in harmony with the body to support a woman throughout her feminine cycle. Learn More.
Earth Seeds
A pure blend of essential oils that work in harmony with the body to support a woman throughout her feminine cycle. Learn More.

Complete Your Cycle Care

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