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  1. Francesca Spinelli (verified owner)

    Moonbox has been an anchor point of comfort and sanity during these times. Finding meaningful ritual with the products has acted as a true holding and re-dedication to self-care. Healthy hormones during these mysterious times feels profound – tending to the inner world as we collectively tend to our outer world.

  2. Anna Jackson (verified owner)

    I signed up for Moonbox because I was having period headaches that were really affecting my ability to function well mentally and physically for 2-3 days per month. By the second month of the programme my headaches were gone and I was feeling a lot more balanced and energetic. It’s good to know I’ll continue to have access to the Moonbox resources and order top-ups of my favourite products. Having the monthly delivery of Goodies really helped me to get through some of the dietary and lifestyle changes I was making. I looked forward to the arrival of the monthly box of treats and I was surprised how easily I was able to cut gluten, coffee and sugar.

  3. Alex O’Flaherty (verified owner)

    My Moonbox program is amazing! I had a bit of knowledge about my cycle and menstration but the program really helped me implement healthy habits to ensure my hormones are good. There’s so much information and tips to help you feel great from the inside out and I think this is so so important! Plus all the products are awesome and fun to use.
    Nikki is such an inspiring person and entrepreneur and her passion and dedication to periods and healthy hormones is incredible.

  4. Abby Gilmore (verified owner)

    Nikki is so dedicated and full of knowledge. The products are clearly of the highest quality and sourced ethically. Starting my morning with lunar’s lover was such a fantastic ritual and having access to the videos all the time meant I could work at my own pace.

  5. Chelsea Mills (verified owner)

    I am so glad I invested in myself and joined the program. Following the program honestly changes your lifestyle and develops self-awareness. I am so much healthier physically and mentally, I had my first period after having a baby and I had absolutely no pain! I absolutely love the products, the information in the program and also the community you join of like minded women. I cannot recommend Moonbox enough, if you are a female and want to learn how to take care of your body, join the program! It is manageable, doesn’t take too much time from your week and so worth it!

  6. Yadeliz Martinez (verified owner)

    I don’t experience period pain, heavy flow, or mood swings. However, what I do experience is Acne due to imbalanced hormones. I’ve tried for over a year to learn how to balance my hormones myself but was in need of guidance and products I could trust. I found Moonbox through Instagram and am forever grateful. I have learned so much about how best to care for my body and hormones and today having completed the 12 weeks on the program I’m experiencing no breakouts! Also, today is day 1 of my period and I’d usually have most of my jawline inflamed with new pimples.
    The meal plan is easy, informative, and delicious. My 7 year old daughter eats most of the meals with me and loves them. All of the lattes Luna’s Gold, Lover, and Beets are staples to my everyday routine. I can’t go a day without and have already ordered more! That goes for the Teas as well!
    The facial care products I use weekly and have tossed all others aside. The Moon Mist spray is my BFF and I use it daily.
    Lastly Moon Boost is a nightly must and helps me sleep so relaxed. My husband even uses it every night!

  7. Prabina Lord-Doyle (verified owner)

    There is nothing like this on the market! I love every single moon box product – all vegan, organic and 100% natural and sourced with real love/attention to detail. The video content ensures you are on track and can get the most out of the products and stabilise your hormones correctly. I’ve learnt so much reading through the content/helpful tips/ebooks etc and I’ve found the recipes so helpful. I cannot recommend this enough! Nikki herself is a true visionary and cares so much about women’s health. xoxoxo

  8. Amy Sinclair (verified owner)

    I came across Moonbox through IG from a recommendation from @sarahlizking exactly when I was looking for guidance around coming off the pill in early 2019.
    Joining this community of women has been the most empowering thing I ever done for myself.
    I was lucky enough to be a founding member and I absolutely adore the products and use them on the daily.
    Nikki’s passion and vibe for life shine through every aspect of this program from the small check in posts on the fb page to the education tools for cooking and eating nourishing foods for our hormones. So many of the recipes are staples in my life now! I don’t go anywhere with out some tea or Earth seeds!!!
    Making my hormones a priority and educating myself has been the no. 1!!!
    So much love!

  9. Sari (verified owner)

    This is definitely a change you must be ready to work with and really tune into your body. It takes time and patience but for me my moonbox has taught me a lot about nutrition and how a normal cycle should work! There’s heaps of information a long the way and so much support from the Facebook group! The products in the monthly delivery are amazing, I use them everyday and will be adopted into life after this program. Nikki is an inspiration to all woman! Would highly recommend this program to any woman wanting to improve their lifestyle and have happy horomones!

  10. Jacilyn Sanford (verified owner)

    It was such a fun and exciting experience receiving the beautifully packed box of products every month . There are so many wonderful products to try and a great balance of nutrition, self care and pampering . The Ebooks and wealth of knowledge and support available is phenomenal. Truely have learnt so much. It’s been such a wonderful journey to be a part of this community of women , I couldn’t be more thankful and grateful for the support and love they have shown me xxxx

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