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    Von Anderson (verified owner)

    I signed up 2 months ago to help with my endometriosis, adenomyosis & PCOS because I got sick of being chucked on the pill or Mirena and not being heard when I ended up with MORE symptoms.

    Since then I’ve gradually been cutting things out (Gluten, caffeine etc) and trying to use my products regularly. I’m a slowly, slowly kinda gal otherwise I just end up going back to my old ways.

    My last period was the first one I’ve had in almost 10 years that I HAVE NOT had to use pain relief. I almost thought it was a fluke I was so surprised. Funny how we never question our BAD symptoms but always question our health? ???‍♀️

    Anyway, had a blow out the last few days. Think LOTS of gluten & processed crap. Busy work schedule. No use of my products. And now I’m in the biggest endo flare I’ve had in a long time ?

    Nikki Gonda I’M CONVERTED!!! ??‍♀️ I’m a believer and I promise I’ll never doubt your magic ever again. Hahahahaha. Moonbox is pure gold ? And I feel, at the very least, empowered by understanding my body and the importance of my cycle.

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    Jade (verified owner)

    Moonbox has literally CHANGED MY LIFE. For the first 10 years of my menstruation I suffered irregular, painful periods full of every symptom in the book and then some. At 15 I was offered the pill from my GP and thought it was a magic fix… it wasn’t. This program has allowed me to regain control of my life! My period now comes every 28 days like clockwork, with NO symptoms. I’m in disbelief every month!! Don’t accept the pain and symptoms as part of menstruating life – listen to your body, join moonbox, and live your best life!

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    Danika Christie (verified owner)

    I love moon box and it’s definitely helping with my PMS and periods each month. Less cramps, mood swings and cravings. So worth it ladies, give it try, you will not be disappointed!?

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    Kelly H. (verified owner)

    I can’t even begin to describe how glad I am that I found this program. Not only do you get so many high quality, beautiful products, you’re also provided with the wealth of knowledge & experience Nikki provides. I have already begun to see amazing changes within my body & my periods. Thank you for this service Nikki – I’m so much better for it!

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    Erin (verified owner)

    I’m in my 6th week, and I am loving these products! I’ve never had a healthier cycle!

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    Iris Hiltunen (verified owner)

    I started my Moonbox journey in the beginning of March, wanting to balance hormones and get rid of pimples and debilitating period pain that I have struggled with for 15 (!!!) years! I am extremely happy to share that since starting Moonbox, I have now had 3 periods in a row with NO period pain, PMS or pimples! For years I believed this would never be possible for me, as I was always told ”it’s normal” and now that I am finally there it feels incredible! ????? Thank you thank you thank you!!!

    I was not perfect with all the recommendations and also struggled along the way, had some cheeky glasses of dry rosé here and there but managed to mostly stick with glutenfree, dairyfree and sugarfree, also ditched caffeine for most of the time. I don’t even crave the usual treats I used to love! Also I have had some struggles receiving the products as I am working in quarantine in a different country than where the products are being shipped to, but I have managed to compensate with making my own cacao and turmeric drink mixes according to the ingredients lists on the products I managed to get before iso ?

    If you are struggling on the way please keep going you got this! And it’s life changing!! I am so happy this weird iso spring brought some awesomeness with it too!

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    Jessica A. (verified owner)

    Amazing, love it! So much information that’s easy to follow and refer back too. With great products as well. Can feel a difference in how I’m feeling too!

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    Laila (verified owner)

    My Moonbox is just absolutely wonderful. Each product is delicious to use. Even though I haven’t been the most consistent with the program (mum life) I can still feel the benefits from using each of the products. Plus all the extra videos and PDFs are so valuable and fun to watch/read. Nikki your bubbly energy is contagious 🙂 Thank you. I feel more in touch with my period and more in tune with my everyday cycles. I look forward to continuing the program and trying out new recipes.

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    Nicole (verified owner)

    Excellent products with a quick and easy reference book to know how to use each product everyday

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    Angel B. (verified owner)

    Moonbox is a beautiful life changing programme. The products made are an amazing quality that have definitely become necessary life staples to look after my health and hormones. In addition to the products the program itself you can tell has had a lot of effort put into it and is so easy to follow. Plus you also receive assistance throughout the programme whenever you need from Niki, the Naturopath, and amazing support from all the wonderful ladies in a fb support group. I cannot recommend Moonbox enough, it has changed the way I live my life! I am overall happier and have learnt so much about my hormones already. As woman we have our periods for years and years and years and therefore when you think about the cost it is definitely worth every dollar. Thank you Niki for this programme I will be forever grateful ♡

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