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  1. Angela Breuer (verified owner)

    I’m absolutely loving My Moonbox after just 3 weeks I’m already developing new daily habits to support my hormones, sleep was always an issue for me but I’m 100% sleeping like a baby every night now thanks to my new nightly rituals, Nikki’s support is always there and the Moonbox products that you receive are top quality and absolutely gorgeous, I would recommend this program to every woman to get to know how their bodies and hormones work, love it!

  2. Jo Chiarelli (verified owner)

    I am loving Moonbox my hormones already starting to feel like they are leveling out! Nikki gives great advice especially when you ask her a specific question, she advised me to try Bioceuticals Mega B Q10 and I can’t believe what a difference being on them have made in addition to using the Moonbox products! I can’t wait to see what arrives next! Nikki is such a beautiful soul and the work and effort she has gone to putting these boxes together and the years of research I couldn’t be more grateful we crossed paths.
    Thank you Nikki x

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great support and program so far. Tea and lunas gold taste lovely. Hopefully will help my hormone balance, increase my egg quality and get rid of my period cramps

  4. Elizabeth B. (verified owner)

    Holy guacamole! The heart and soul that Nikki has put into the Moonbox program is evident throughout the whole experience. From the guides and info booklets, to the products and the protocol, Moonbox is on point! I absolutely love what Nikki is bringing to a space that desperately needs more education and focus – OUR PERIODS & CYCLES!! – and I highly recommend a Moonbox subscription to anyone who wants to give their body some self lovin’ while also learning to understand themselves on a deeper level. Thanks so much for your gorgeous products and program Nikki. X

  5. Rachael Lording (verified owner)

    5 stars is honestly just not enough to give for this program. Worth ever single cent. It actually works, so long as you follow Nikki’s advice of course. I’ve been off the pill for 7 years and 2 months in following this protocol I conceived for the first time! Everybody needs to know about Moonbox!

  6. Annabel Nairn (verified owner)

    Always use this & always will

  7. Annabel Nairn (verified owner)

    This program has been very well planned and executed! High quality of products and very organized structure that fits all lifestyles. This program gave so much valuable information that I can use beyond the 12 weeks. You can see how much work and love Nikki has put in this program for all females to understand and feel empowered. Would definitely recommend this program to all females!

  8. Gwenaelle (verified owner)

    This journey with Moonbox has been so empowering! I now understand better my cycles and this has been life changing! All the contents are amazing, the support is real and I loved receiving the products each month (I can’t live without Luna’s lover and the Moonmask anymore!). Thank you so much Nikki! And great news I’m pregnant!

  9. Kate Farrell (verified owner)

    Moonbox is a game changer for your cycle!
    I came across Nikki before Moonbox was released and knew I needed it in my life. I experience heavy periods on top of living with an autoimmune condition.
    The stand out for me is the love, quality and thought put into each product. From magnesium spray, a sleep mask, choccie to hormone loving elixirs.
    The content around nutrition and lifestyle is easy to follow and UPLIFTING. There is no pressure to do everything all at once, you can do things in a way that work for you. I had already implemented some of the lifestyle suggestions but being in this program reminded me that I deserve to take the time to honour my body’s needs and go to the next level of self care when it comes to my cycle.
    I get so excited thinking of all the women out there whose life could change from this program.

  10. Romy (verified owner)

    Nikki has given her love and life into this program and you can definitely tell.
    As someone who journeys through life with PCOS, there is always so much info coming your way. However, Moonbox offers a no bulls**t approach to periods and lifestyle that anyone can get behind and learn.
    The tips and tricks, the advice and the things provided each month are so wonderful and the community is incredibly special.
    So happy I took this leap into Moonbox and happy hormones

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