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    Ellie Smith (verified owner)

    I have been on a healing journey since 2017 after suffering an extreme burnout at work; and later being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s autoimmune disease and severe hypothyroidism. Whilst traditional doctors were happy to hand over pills to treat the symptoms I was experiencing, I was adamant that I needed to better explore, and treat, the causes. I was looking for an all round holistic experience to reset my whole body, hormones included – and along came Moonbox! I felt so supported through the whole experience – the products are insanely good, the community is an excellent resource, and the Moonbox content itself is so thorough and accessible, I found the entire experience both great value for money, but more importantly it has changed my mindset for life. I started Moonbox 7 months ago and continue to see improvements in my health as I try (and not always succeed!) to continue on the Moonbox protocol. It also gave me the final kick to follow my dreams and begin my re-training as a Naturopathic Nutritionist. I’m so glad I found Moonbox when I did, and can’t recommend it highly enough!

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    Widya Hasan (verified owner)

    I’ve had Moonbox suggested to me via a pop-up ad on Instagram because I was searching for accurate and concise information around hormones on Google but can’t really find anything that’s relevant/straight forward. I was tentative to join at first because of the upfront costs but then I heard Nikki on one of the Instastory saying ‘how can we put a price on health’ and I really was reflecting hard on this. My emotional rampage was out of control, I was confused, angry, sad, needy, happy, excited, scared, (all of the emotions you can think of!) and not knowing how to control it/think of it. It feels like I am losing myself and in turn, losing those who are close to me as I keep on hurting them. I think the majority of people joined because of physical issues but I primarily join to educate myself more on my body, hormones (they don’t teach you this at school!!) and to save myself mentally and the relationship I have left with my family, friends, and fiance at the time. Going into the Moonbox program, I have obtained SO MUCH MORE than what I am looking for!! I initially thought that hormonal acne is normal…. GUESS AGAIN! It is not! My face has cleared up so much by going through the diet prescribed in the program (plus the moon shine is liquid gold for spot treatment), I am so much happier with my body knowing the different ‘seasons’ my body has. Moonbox has taught me to love and accept myself instead of trying to control and achieve the impossible. I know it does seem like a lot to jump into the program, but trust me, it is worth every penny and the products you receive are top-notch quality!! PLUS – the group is super supportive and helpful too 🙂

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    Zoe (verified owner)

    So delish!! Love the additional nourishing ingredients. Wish it came in a bigger bag as this only lasts me a couple of weeks.

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    Melissa Buckton (verified owner)

    My gosh, where do I even start. Nikki has poured her heart and soul into her Moonbox program. It’s evident in how much knowledge & the products she has created for all us beauties within her Moonbox community ♥️
    What I love about joining Moonbox, is that it goes beyond the 12weeks. You’re constantly supported – and don’t even get me started on our care boxes – from the elixirs, to the tea, to the vegan choc, the clay masks, the mists. its all amazing.

    It’s definitely an investment I’m glad I made.

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    Ellie Smith (verified owner)

    Also on my second bottle of this now 🙂 i can’t always work out if it’s as effective as magnesium to get rid of my period pains, but sometimes just the lovely smell makes me feel better for taking care of myself. I often use it on my temples and wrists when feeling a little stressed and I love it.

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    Ellie Smith (verified owner)

    I only used this for the first time during my period this month, and I’m pretty sure it made a difference to my pains. It does taste good but it’s still quite earthy which might put a few people off it.

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    Ellie Smith (verified owner)

    Luna’s Gold got me through my first 2 months away from coffee. I absolutely needed a replacement to break the habit, and this was great. I always need a bit of honey in to sweeten it up, but I have experienced it doing wonderful things for inflammation in my gut as well.

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    Ellie Smith (verified owner)

    I’m currently on my third packet of luna’s lover so it’s definitely a fave!

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    Lilla Cserfai (verified owner)

    Absolutely love Nikki’s program! It’s easy to follow, has great videos and supporting ebooks (the recipes! ?) and the products are second to none. You just feel the love and passion poured into every little piece of Moonbox!
    I was struggling with mid cycle bleeding, bloating, heavy periods, period pain and clotting when I decided to sign up for Moonbox. It was related to an extreme amount of stress and I’ve also been diagnosed with a uterine fibroid too. Since last year it’s been getting better month by month, ovulation is on time, spotting reduced to 1 day instead of 7-12 and I have very mild pain and my period is shorter too. Thank you Nikki for taking such great care of us!! I would highly recommend Moonbox for every single woman on earth ❤️❤️

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    Chloe Stewart (verified owner)

    I honestly don’t know if words will convey how much gratitude I have for this program but I will try my best! I have always had period problems my entire life and never had an idea where to look for guidance. Nikki and this program were such an amazing find, as it felt as though my symptoms would be apart of my life forever. For the first time since my first endometriosis excision surgery in 2019, I have had a period. Minor symptoms, no bloating, cramps essentially non existent, and no lack of energy. This program has given me my cycle back, helped me feel empowered, and has overall change my life so massively. Each product has been used and loved and I have never felt more in tune with my body than I do now! I think all women can benefit from this amazing program!

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