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    Erin Shaughnessy (verified owner)

    ?life changer?,

    Thanks to Nikki and the Moonbox program for helping me form a deeper connection to my body, for balancing out my hormones, dealing with my estrogen dominance, easing associated endo symptoms and most of all improving the health of my period and making me aware of and tune into my fertility, helping me get pregnant !

    Understanding more about your body is always a good investment , it may just change your life !


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    Abbey Benson (verified owner)

    100% worth the investment – both financially and spending the time to work through the program.

    The products are amazing and made of such a high quality. I have learnt so much working through the content but love the ongoing support from Facebook group even after finishing the 12 weeks. Both Nikki and Moonbox Natropath Lucy are super responsive and supportive in the group.

    I suffered from ovulation pain amongst as well as period symptoms. But am so happy to say that after the program I no longer experience any of this, my cycle is regular again after coming off the pill and I have a more loving relationship with my cycle and how to best support myself through each phase.
    Thanks so much Nikki!

    If you’ve been sitting on the fence I strongly encourage you to make the jump and sign up!! You won’t regret it!

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    Jenni Mullen (verified owner)


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    Amy (verified owner)

    I have followed the Instagram account for the past 18 months and started using the products 3 months ago and it has been amazing! I have just had my first symptom free period in memory! I am so glad signed up♥️ you have educated me so much on my mind and body, it genuinely has been life changing! So thank you ?

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    Naomi Bernthaler (verified owner)

    Moonbox was really and truly worth every dollar and dime. Nikki’s knowledge is nothing but absolutely phenomenal, and she really spells it all out for her subscribers! I love the on going access to everything and the support is also amazing. The products are next level, and I very quickly see the difference in my cycle and over all well being when I don’t use my products accordingly! She really does know what’s up, and I absolutely love it all! Can’t recommend enough!

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    Rebecca (verified owner)

    The moonbox program is very well thought out and informative. I have learned a lot since joining and the products are great quality. Would definitely recommend!

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    Stephanie Ho (verified owner)

    I have LOVED receiving my moonbox delivery, every month it has been packed with goodies! Knowing all product ingredients are 100% natural and backed by nutritionists and naturopaths has given me peace of mind as I find it challenging navigating all the different types of nutritional labels. My favourites were the lunar gold elixr and the moon clay. The elixr replaced my morning coffee habit which I’ve now successfully quit. The moon clay feels amazing on the skin and leaves you feeling fresh and light. I joined mymoonbox to optimise my hormonal health naturally and have felt calmer and more in control and have had the best experience, thank you xxxx

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    Jaimee D. (verified owner)

    My absolute favourite. Good afternoon pick me up

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    Francesca Spinelli (verified owner)

    Moonbox has been an anchor point of comfort and sanity during these times. Finding meaningful ritual with the products has acted as a true holding and re-dedication to self-care. Healthy hormones during these mysterious times feels profound – tending to the inner world as we collectively tend to our outer world.

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    Anna Jackson (verified owner)

    I signed up for Moonbox because I was having period headaches that were really affecting my ability to function well mentally and physically for 2-3 days per month. By the second month of the programme my headaches were gone and I was feeling a lot more balanced and energetic. It’s good to know I’ll continue to have access to the Moonbox resources and order top-ups of my favourite products. Having the monthly delivery of Goodies really helped me to get through some of the dietary and lifestyle changes I was making. I looked forward to the arrival of the monthly box of treats and I was surprised how easily I was able to cut gluten, coffee and sugar.

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