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4.98 out of 5
  1. tori fisher (verified owner)

    every month with my moonbox i have been so blown away. the amount of love, care, thought, knowledge, and kindness that has been put into this creation is unmeasurable! i am so grateful to nikki for creating something as amazing as she has. moonbox has not only changed my relationship with my body, my hormones, and myself, it has changed the way i will live my life forever! the content is so jam packed with info and i’ve found it so fun to implement it all into my life! the products are made with the highest quality and standards and it really shows. they have all become apart of my everyday routine!
    the online facebook group is so supportive and helpful too, a really lovely community feel. i’m so glad this program is here to help women learn about their bodies, and now i find it crazy that this isn’t a thing we are taught growing up!! i highly recommend moonbox to every women, it is a purchase and investment i will never regret making!

  2. Erin Shaughnessy (verified owner)

    Nikki is a period angel, she has absolutely changed my life with moonbox! And I cannot thank her enough.

    I have begun to heal my negative relationship with my body and have begun to appreciate and actually enjoy my period.

    It is so nice to be supported with such amazing products and resources that support your hormonal, mental and physical health. My endometriosis symptoms are easing and I don’t feel like I need to curl in a ball, cry and eat a block of chocolate every month.

    This program has so much love and soul in it, Nikki and everyone who is apart of this program forms a community that builds you up, if only I had this 14 years ago when I first got my period.

    If you are questioning whether or not to be apart of this life changing program I say do it!!!! Because it is about time we women start investing in ourselves and start embracing our bodies and all that they do. Plus it is so nice to get That little moon box every month full of beautiful products that make you smile from ear to ear.

  3. Cindy Podhorsky (verified owner)

    I decided it was time to have my merina IUD taken out……..finally. I thought this was going to be an easy process but it went missing in action. After an internal ultrasound to see where it was it was taken out safely. It was the best decision I have made. My body is feeling better for it already and I truely believe that starting moonbox before it was taken out has helped ease me and my hormones back into what will hopefully become a normal cycle. The products are of a very high quality (I am super fussy) which is fantastic. I have just ordered my first maintenance moonbox and look forward to my period returning to normal shortly!!!!!

  4. Eleni Kefalas (verified owner)

    Moonbox is an incredibly well thought out and fantastic product. Not only is there round the clock support from Nikki and Moonbox Naturopath Lucy but also gentle reminders throughout the journey that each member is running their own race. The products are amazing and the information provided is so so thorough. I could not recommend it highly enough!

    My personal favourite products are the Elixirs and Moonboost spray. With so much conflicting information around it is so nice to have something so informative and easy to understand, especially when it comes to supporting ourselves as women. Although I have not followed the program perfectly it has been so great to take stock and re-evaluate how I nourish and care for myself. Moonbox truly is an investment in yourself and it is well worth it!

  5. Elizabeth Gageler (verified owner)

    Seriously the best thing I have ever done! LOVE LOVE LOVE every single product.
    Nikki’s videos and knowledge are just out of this world, I learnt so much. This program is an absolute steal. for the amount of money i paid and the amount of value received, Its a no brainer!
    The tonics are actually DELICIOUS i had to order double Luna’s Lover.
    Every woman needs MOON BOX! Thank you Nikki!

  6. Laura Hill (verified owner)

    The products alone are far more value than you pay! They are so high quality and luxurious. The Moon Eaze has been a literal life saver not just for period pain but also for stress relief throughout the month. The full moon tea has also been a great pain reliever and nightly ritual. I also LOVE the cacao it taste so good even my boyfriend who’s a sugar addict loves it. Nikki really knows how to focus on the changes that will make an impact since cutting down dairy, caffeine & gluten my period length has decreased and while i still get some pain its much more manageable.

  7. Jessica Dzierbicki (verified owner)

    I must be honest and say I have not exactly followed the weekly guide BUT I have been consuming and using all of the Moonbox products from the box. I got my period 5 days ago and it’s the first bleed since incorporating Moonbox. I had ZERO PMS leading up to my period and ZERO cramping and bloating. I couldn’t believe it and I’m forever grateful for choosing Moonbox

  8. Hollie Azzopardi (verified owner)

    I am blown away with how much value I have received only 2 months into the programme. Not only do you receive step-by-step guidance on all things nutrition and lifestyle choices for happier hormones (including recipes!) and access to an online community of likeminded sisters sharing our experiences with one another (plus an in-group naturopath to answer any questions!) BUT then we also get the goodies in each box?! The clay mask is the best I have ever used, I LOVE my Luna’s Lover and Luna’s Gold – I could go on and on about the quality of the products each month and how FUN unboxing is. It is obvious Nikki has taken extreme care and consideration when formulating her products – and the fact that they are unique to Moonbox only is even more special. I honestly couldn’t speak higher of the programme, and am so grateful I jumped on when I did. Thank you Nikki!

  9. Jade Washbourne (verified owner)

    When I begun I was just looking for a diet change. But Moonbox is so much more than that.
    I cannot begin to explain how amazing I feel and how much more in tune with myself and my body I am.
    The first month of lifestyle change focused on diet was really the biggest changes for me but I honestly don’t think I’ve felt this amazing since I started menstruation. I’m listening to myself and my body and looking after myself properly all because of Moonbox.
    It really is the self-care I needed the products are all incredible especially the elixirs I’m obsessed with Lunas Lover as a die-hard chocoholic.
    And the support is so immense, we really all are a Moonbox family supporting and encouraging each other on the facebook group and it’s really helped me persevere through all the challenges I’ve had.

    I cannot thank Nikki and Moonbox enough for giving me the kick I needed to start looking after myself properly and these are all changes I truly intend and know I will keep up with after the program finishes.

  10. Anna Hodgman (verified owner)

    Signing up to Moonbox is one of the best decisions I have made when it come to improving my health. It has quite honestly been life changing. Initially I was a bit sceptical that something I had seen advertised on Instagram would be the solution to all my problems and I worried that I was just another marketing ploy with pretty graphics. However I followed my Moonbox for many months and watched as Nikki developed her products and spoke about her passion to help women take charge of their hormones and their periods. She was always so approachable, helpful and eager to answer questions. Plus, she was also a wealth of knowledge. She really knows her stuff and provides a really broad range of resources and options for each moonbox member to implement. Since joining the program Nikki has continued to be incredibly supportive of everyone in the program. She answers all questions and goes above and beyond to make sure each and every person is provided with the support, encouragement and information they need. The program itself is really well designed and there is no pressure to keep to a certain pace when implementing life style changes. The products are also very high quality and actually surpassed my expectations. The beautiful packaging makes me excited to use them every day and the colours and design elements show a really thoughtful and close attention to detail. After following the program for roughly 6 weeks and using the moonbox products refrigerated have already noticed a reduction in my pms symptoms to the point that my family have also commented on how cheerful and less anxious I am! I have also noticed my skin is clearer, I’ve been sleeping amazingly and also feeling more in tune with my body and what it needs. I’d encourage anyone who is even half thinking about joining Moonbox to go for it! It has been so amazing for me and I’ve already tried so many different things that never really worked. Thank you Nikki for what you have created. The products are beautiful, the program is thoughtfully designer and tour supportive approach all combine to make something truely special xx

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