When you subscribe to My Moonbox your first monthly box is shipped within 24 hours of your order, and you receive immediate access to your Members Area, the 12-Week Program Resources & Private Community. You will receive access to your online resources within 5 minutes via email. Your second monthly box will be shipped on the same date the following month. For example, if you subscribe on the 1st August your second box will be shipped on the 1st September (as long as all payments are made successfully). Your third and final Moonbox will be shipped on the same date in the following month, too. For example, if you initially subscribed on the 1st August, your second Moonbox is shipped on the 1st September and your third Moonbox is shipped on the 1st October.

Your access to your online Members Area, 100-Day Hormone Reset course and Facebook community are all lifetime and are only dependent on full payment of your 3-month subscription.

The Moonbox Shop

If you purchase from our Moonbox Shop, your order is shipped within 24 hours and you will receive email confirmation immediately of your order being accepted.

How long does it take to get to me?

For our Australian members, you will typically receive your delivery within 3-5 working days.

For international members, it is difficult to determine exact delivery timeframes however we suggest that 2-3 weeks is standard.

Can I track where my Moonbox delivery is?

Yes, we offer full tracking. You should receive your tracking information via email within 1-2 days of placing your order. If you do not, please email us here to receive your tracking link.

Shipping Costs

Inside Australia

Order Type / Value Shipping Cost
Subscription Free
Moonbox Shop > $100 Free
Moonbox Shop < $100 $15

During Covid-19 all shipping agents have greatly increased their pricing models and tariffs. As such, during this time our international shipping has increased. Updates will be made as soon as possible to bring this cost down for our international members. For detailed information on exact shipping costs, please refer to the table below.

International Shipping

Order Type / Value Shipping Cost
🇺🇸 US Subscription USD$20 per month
🇺🇸 US Moonbox Shop > $100 USD$20
🇺🇸 US Moonbox Shop < $100 USD$40
🇳🇿 NZ Subscription NZD$20 per month
🇳🇿 NZ Moonbox Shop > $100 NZD$20
🇳🇿 NZ Moonbox Shop < $100 NZD$40
🇬🇧 UK Subscription GBP£20 per month
🇬🇧 UK Moonbox Shop > £75 GBP£20
🇬🇧 UK Moonbox Shop < £75 GBP£40
🇪🇺 EU Subscription EUR€20 per month
🇪🇺 EU Moonbox Shop > €90 EUR€20
🇪🇺 EU Moonbox Shop < €90 EUR€40
🇨🇦 Canada Subscription CAD$20 per month
🇨🇦 Canadian Moonbox Shop > $120 CAD$20
🇨🇦 Canadian Moonbox Shop < $120 CAD$40