Nutrition & Lifestyle e-Protocol

Over 100 pages covering in-depth the 3 key foundations that influence the balance of your hormones and health of your periods :

1. Diet    2. Lifestyle factors.   3. Environment + Detoxification. 

You are provided with step-by-step strategies to help support your body’s natural ability to rebalance and relieve unwanted symptoms of PMS and period pain.

By following this protocol combined with the monthly product deliveries, the Moonbox Program can fast track you to feeling happy, healthy, and energised throughout your entire cycle.

You will:

  1. Learn the root causes of PMS and what you can effectively do about them.
  2. Learn to become more in tune with your body, track your cycle & symptoms
  3. Discover the foods that commonly cause period problems and why
  4. Discover the foods that are essential for healthy periods and why
  5. Learn how to optimise gut health for balanced hormones
  6. Learn the best forms of exercise for different phases of your cycle
  7. Hack your sleep & self-care to transform your periods 
  8. Learn stress management techniques to restore adrenal health
  9. Learn how to detoxify your environment without the overwhelm
  10. What to do beyond 12 Weeks

It’s time to kick unwanted period symptoms to the curb with effective food & lifestyle strategies that will set you up for a lifetime of lasting menstrual health.

Ready to join the 12-week program?