The Moonbox Story So Far

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Let’s begin with a question. Have you ever:

  • Found yourself doubled over with period pain not being able to function?
  • Found yourself in tears, or picking arguments, only to realise it was PMS talking when your period arrived a few days later?
  • Broken out in acne & felt too self-conscious to leave the house?
  • Felt anxious, bloated, depressed, overweight, fatigued?
  • Wanted a natural option for managing your period but didn’t know where to start?
  • Left your doctor’s office without feeling heard? Only to be offered the pill as a solution?
  • Been too scared to come off the pill in fear of returning symptoms?

If you answered yes to one (or all!) of these questions, then we have a lot in common.

My #PeriodStory

My period story probably isn’t so dissimilar to yours. From onset of menstruation I suffered years of of cramps, mood swings and acne, in which I was presented by my doctor with the very common solution of the hormonal contraceptive pill, so I took it, no questions asked. I waved goodbye to the cramps and acne but welcomed an array of other symptoms: anxiety, waves of depression, panic attacks, weight gain, fatigue, chronic thrush, UTI’s and IBS. I didn’t know then, but the pill was acting like a bandaid, only masking my original symptoms, ignoring their root causes whilst causing further hormonal chaos.

For 6 years I was completely unaware of the connection between the cloud of ill-health hanging over my head and the pill – until I finally stopped taking it. Unfortunately, my cramps and PMS did return in full swing but this time, instead of relying on conventional band-aid solutions, I intuitively knew there must be something else I could do. There had to be a natural solution!

It was this time in my life that kickstarted my health journey and commitment to studying a Bachelor of Nutritional Health Science which was where I discovered my obsession with everything periods, hormones & women’s health. From implementing everything I was learning, I was able to get to a place in my life where I no longer experienced menstrual suffering!

Creating Moonbox

I was now certain of my life’s calling: to make sure that no time of the month is a bad time of the month. And I wanted to do that naturally, and not just for myself, but share this information with every woman I could. I was done with the silence and stigma around periods and was ready to start a new conversation, one in which periods aren’t “embarrassing” and shameful, but “empowering” and an amazing sign of health and fertility to be appreciated! Cause let’s be real, the survival of the entire human race depends on them! I also found that there wasn’t a huge amount of reliable information, support or products out there to help women with their periods. And that’s when Moonbox was born in 2017!

It started small, with my Instagram channel. I tried my best to share my experiences and what I’d learned and was so happy when I was able to start helping people just through the advice in my feed and stories.

During this time, I went on a 2 year journey to find the best naturopaths, nutritionists and herbalists to help me create the most effective natural solutions and support for period problems . At the same time I scoured the world (literally!!) for the highest quality ingredients for use in our products. By 2019 I was ready… and excited!

Moonbox Is Ready

It’s the beginning of 2019 and Moonbox is ready.

It takes 100 days for hormones to reset and rebalance, so the solution is a 12-week online program and subscription box that equips Moonboxers with absolutely everything they need to help manage their PMS symptoms and become more in-tune with their natural cycle.

All of the Moonbox products are 100% natural, organic, vegan, ethically sourced. No compromises. No toxins, parabens, PEGs, sulfates (SLS/SLES), GMOs, synthetics, animal testing. No ingredients that couldn’t be pronounced, no exhausted cliches. Just quality and authenticity.

There are five key resources: the Food For Your Cycle Guide, a Nutrition & Lifestyle e-protocol, weekly accountability videos & extra downloadable resources, an active and amazing online private Facebook Group where users can access a dedicated Moonbox naturopath, share their progress and connect with others in the community and lastly, monthly deliveries of Moonbox products designed specifically for improving your menstrual health.

We launched!

In July 2019 we opened for our first intake to founding members. I was blown away to see our initial 220 spaces sell out in under 3 days!

With my incredible team around me, we successfully delivered the program with great success. What does success mean to me? It is when our subscribers experience genuine life changing results through Moonbox. Here are a few of our first reviews:

Using this launchpad, we have taken feedback and are constantly looking to improve and evolve Moonbox so that we provide subscribers with the best experience possible . We aim to continue to support our Members beyond the first 3 months of the program as well as chasing our dreams of reaching as many women as we can. We believe that every woman deserves to experience their periods pain free and with ease and have access to this information to better understand how to live life in support of their hormones.

Who knows? Maybe in a few years, periods will become a more celebrated and appreciated topic of convo amongst men and women. ! We’ve even had some amazing partners jump on board the program and enjoy Moonbox products and take part in the lifestyle changes to support their girlfriends and wives!

Our next intake begins on October 1st. We are now accepting 350 subscribers, and cannot wait to welcome our new Moonboxers to the growing community!!

If you want to gain early access, you can sign-up here and we will send you a link 1 hour prior to public release so that you don’t miss out.

If you ever have any questions you can email me here.

Love Nikki xx

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    Hi, I’m thinking of subscribing for my daughter. Can you please let me know how much the subscription is?


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