28 day hormone reset REVIEWS

Stories of Transformation

Real Stories from Women Who Decided It Was Time to Redefine What’s “Possible” and Make Their Big Dreams of Balanced Hormones a Reality


I just got my period!

I was on the pill for 10 YEARS and only came off it a month and 5 days ago!!! 😲
I was expecting a year's wait before anything would happen as I've only been doing My Moonbox for 2 and a half months.
I was literally sitting on the toilet, crying with glee!
Oh, and did I mention there were minimal pms symptoms and no pain?
Nikki gives you guidance every step of the way.Absolutely flabbergasted! Get on it, girls!

Chloe B.

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"I used to have to take 6-8 painkillers each period, and now I rarely take any!"

I'm so happy that I invested in this program, it really exceeded my expectations as to how much I was going to learn! The amount of content you get is amazing. I followed the videos weekly, and implemented most of the changes and have already noticed a huge difference with my cramps and heavy periods. I used to have to take 6-8 painkillers each period, and now I rarely take any! I do also use the products pretty consistently, so I feel they play a big role as well. This program really has changed my relationship with my periods and its a weird feeling when it just arrives without me knowing. I've recommended this program to all of my friends!

Theresa H.

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"I have significantly less PMS, and my bleed comes and goes with ease"

I had irregular periods pre-moonbox, but now I feel so connected to my cycle and have an understanding of how to nourish and support myself throughout. There is so much information that is easy to understand, digest and implement. I have significantly less PMS, and my bleed comes and goes with ease. Next to no cramps, less moon fluctuations, drastically reduced acne all cycle long (it had been quite bad coming off anti-depressants). The moon mask is so lush, I now have to buy a second one for my partner as he always wants to wear it. The facebook group is amazing, so supportive and so much fantastic information. Thank you Nikki xxx

Emily b.

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"Now three months being off the pill, I have my cycle back and my body is feeling better than ever"

I started the Moonbox program when I wanted to transition off the pill. I found the program and products incredibly useful, easy to follow and effective. Nikki, the naturopaths and the Facebook group are all incredible support systems throughout my journey of learning more about my body post pill. After the program and now three months being off the pill, I have my cycle back and my body is feeling better than ever! Highly recommend for women who want to go off the pill, without experiencing negative side effects. I’m more educated, know how to manage my body and be able to live in sync with my cycle.

Katie M. 

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"I can still DEFINITELY feel to difference from using the amazing learning"

I started the course to help with irregular and heavy periods and acne, and although I haven't been as consistant as I should be with the programme (I will be giving it more time and attention from now!!) I can still DEFINITELY feel to difference from using the amazing learning. So excited to continue my hormone journey :) :)

mary h

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"My next period I had no pain, cravings and no mood swings which was a major one for me"

I’ve only just started my journey and wasn’t expecting a major difference straight away but my next period I had no pain, cravings and no mood swings which was a major one for me! I am very impressed with all the information that is provided, it is helping me be more mindful of the foods that will nourish and support my overall health. Loved this course! Definitely worth it

Amelia Y. 

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"From painful cramps, PMS to 29 day cycle with no pain or other symptoms!"

I had my implanon removed after using different types of birth control for 14 years! I was very apprehensive of what my hormones and period would be like so I took the plunge and signed up for program! Best. Decision. Ever. Within 4 months my period had gone from painful cramps, PMS, bloating and 39 day cycle to 29 day cycle with no pain or other symptoms! I could not thank Nikki enough for creating this program and keeping the program easy to follow and keep consistent. Could not recommend higher!

Cassandra S.

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"2 months after course and about to start my next period and there is almost no pain at all"

Before starting the program I was 4 months into my body detoxing off the pill. I had the worst headaches/nausea from days 1-3 during my period along with feeling light headed and sharp cramps throughout the day. Now, 2 month after course and about to start my next period and there is almost no pain at all! Headaches and nausea vanished! What a win! Who would have thought it could be possible to have periods pain free! It is honestly the best money i could have spent on myself and i do not regret it one bit. Nikki and her team are honestly amazing and are always there if you have any concerns. Can't wait to continue! Highly recommend!!!

Marcella T.

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"80% of my symptoms have disappeared"

Pre Nikki I suffered from debilitating periods and PMDD. You name the symptom, I had it. Severe mood swings and anxiety, breast tenderness, cramps, nausea/vomiting, clots, the list was extensive. The only normal thing about them was their regularity. So I tried moonbox. And 80% of my symptoms have disappeared, and I’m not as diligent as I could be. I have learnt so much about listening to my body and what it needs, and moonbox provides you with all the resources to support your new found understanding. The support is on-going and extensive. I am a new person, and my family and I are so thankful for moonbox. You won’t regret it.

Rach K.

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"My period arrived with NO cramps OR any other symptoms!!!

I’ll start by saying I never review anything, but I just had to for Moonbox because this program is insaaane! I usually get VERY severe cramps and other pms at the start of my period. I’ve only just finished the first month of Moonbox and my period arrived with NO cramps OR any other symptoms!!! I’ve honestly never been happier to get my period and be caught off guard by it & the support throughout every step is incredible and so genuine - which makes the world of a difference!! Given the changes I’ve seen in just a month, I am SO pumped for months 2 & 3, and beyond! 😍 thank you so much Nikki & the Moonbox Team!

Rachel m.

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"Got my period back with minimal symptoms (no mood swings, cramps, headaches, nothing!)"

I have struggled with my hormonal health since I hit puberty, with acne, mood swings, irregular periods and intense cramp, among many other PMS symptoms. Like many other girls, I went on the pill in the hopes that it would “fix” my periods, without really understanding how it worked or what HBC would do to my health as a whole. I experienced a whole host of symptoms while on the pill.  I finally came to the decision to come off the pill and Nikki was a huge part of that decision process. I did the program before coming off the pill, and was so happy with the level of support, incredible wealth of information and beautiful products that come with this program. It is so manageable and approachable, and helps you to create long-term lifestyle changes. I have now been off the pill for over two months and immediately got my period back with minimal symptoms (no mood swings, cramps, headaches, nothing!) and my skin has been very consistent with minimal breakouts. This program is truly life changing. I have gained a new appreciation for my menstrual cycle and my body and feel empowered in all the knowledge I have gained and the sustainable changes I have made in my life. Thank you so much for this program Nikki!

Jessica B. 

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"Your hormones will always be grateful for getting the love you'll give them from now"

I have been following Nikki  for about a year now! It always fascinated me to see how passionated she is and how she truly, sincerely and deeply wants to share all she knows about menstrual cycle with women all around the world. YES we DO NEED ladies like Nikki who help us becoming (more) conscious of periods and our whole menstrual cycle in a loving and caring way. We need this to give our cycle the place it deserves, to accept our own periods and be able to love them fully. And this program is just a wonderful way to achieve that ! It doesn't just make you feel better about your cycle, but also about your body in its whole. Isn't that beautiful ? And once you do accept your body and cherish it, it becomes way easier to talk about periods and our cycle to both women AND men. Nikki does an amazing job to finally give our periods the place they deserve, to be accepted and talked about without being ashamed. The program itself helps you day by day to get there. You can feel Nikki's sincerity, passion, authenticity through the e-books, in each Moonbox products you get, in each answer she gives. This is what makes Moonbox special and real. If the price makes you doubt, well, it did make me doubt too for about a year. But someday I just got so tired of going through painful periods and painful ovulation, I decided I'd join. It's an investment for life, trust me! 

Alexandra N.

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"Reduced the severity of my pms making it manageable for me"

I am 27 years old and have tossed up between getting moonbox for a long time and wish i had done this way sooner! i am not finished just yet but already i have so many beautiful tools from the course that help me get through each month and reduce the severity of my pms making it manageable enough for me to get through, my pms has been at its peak ever since an ovarian cyst removal back 3 years ago, for me my pms will start just after ovulation and go for 2 weeks +, i will experience symptoms such as extreme fatigue, headaches, terrible anxiety and mood swings including anger, sadness etc, i will feel weak, muscle pains, stomach pains sometimes so bad it may cause me to be bed ridden or hospitalised in the past, which was not how i wanted to be living life! i went to the gp but all they want to give is band aid fixes like the pill or anti depressants which i was not keen at all, and found one of those options did not work for me at all and made my symptoms more severe and did not eliminate the main course! i love that moonbox is flexible, a community and is all natural and organic making me feel happy about making these changes to my body and my insides! the beautiful nikki and her team have put in so much effort into this box, and i recommend you try it for anything, no matter what age, we all deserve to have healthy happy cycles not set backs! i deeply encourage you to start your journey today! you will not regret it, i can say this has been the best decision i have made so far!

Erika K. 


"I have the tools now to keep negative period symptoms at bay"

Nikki is AMAZING! I fully enjoyed the process and education and I now have all the tools I need to keep negative period symptoms at bay. I'm so thrilled! Thank you Nikki,

Briahna S. 

"My last two cycles have been the easiest that I have ever had!"

I don't think that you can put a monetary amount on that kind of freedom. There's is no explanation that I can give as to how great this program has been!


"It's helped massively in terms of pain & overall feeling of well being!"

It's helped me to understand my body more to understand my hormones. Any questions, Nikki is so readily available and I never expected that from a program!


"A month after going off of my birth control, I got my period!"

I'm so grateful to Nikki as it's beenmade going off birth control fun. Thank you, Nikki! I feel more connected to my body than I ever have before!


"I just wanted to understand my body better!"

I've absolutely loved educating myself on my own body after years feeling disconnected! The program has been absolutely amazing! Thank you so much Nikki!


"When you change your hormones, you change your life"

I would recommend this course to every woman, even if they're not having menstrual symptoms or period pains or anything! Its been so empowering!


"It really teaches you how to care for your hormones"

I love this course so much. I'm a huge advocate and I really hope that it reaches so many women around the world!


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"This program truly changed my life!"

The knowledge that comes from Nikki is far beyond what I expected and this is only my second week! Everything is tailored to help improve not only healthy periods and hormones but your overall health and wellbeing and I’m so grateful to have come across it. Thank you Nikki!

Rosa V.

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"I have little to no PMS before my period now"

The program truly changed my life! It was through the education that Nikki provides in the weekly modules that I started considering getting off of birth control after being on it for 7 years. Not only that, but through this program I realized that I had gut imbalances and was encouraged to see a naturopath. I ended up getting an autoimmune diagnosis and was able to catch things before it got too serious. Since coming off of Birth Control with all of the Moonbox products, and implementing all of the recommended shifts in my diet and lifestyle. I now have very little autoimmune symptoms and flareups, my periods are not extremely heavy like they used to be, and I have little to no PMS before my period. I am simply so grateful for the program because it helped me realize imbalance in my body, through the teachings of how to listen to our bodies. Thank you, Nikki, I can't put words into the value that Moonbox carries and how much it has changed my life. I cannot recommend this enough!

Emily R.

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"The learnings are easy to introduce into your daily routine and make you feel good"

I've been diagnosed with PCOS-insulin resistance, and over the past year I have been tracking my periods averaging 33 days with my longest one at 40 days! I have been using the Moonbox products for about six weeks and am happy to say that on day 27 I got my period. While there are a lot of things to work on/give up (the stressors on the body - caffeine/gluten/dairy/refined sugar/etc) it's a gradual process that i've found has worked well, unlike other programs which start at day 1 giving up on all of those things at once. The learnings are easy to introduce into your daily routine and make you feel good. There is also a lot of support, love and kindness. It's definitely not a program where if you can't give up gluten then you'll be criticised. The team and the other Moonboxers are there to support you.


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"My last period was the first in 10 years that I HAVE NOT had to use pain relief"

I signed up 2 months ago to help with my endometriosis, adenomyosis &; PCOS because I got sick of being chucked on the pill or Mirena and not being heard when I ended up with MORE symptoms. Since then I’ve gradually been cutting things out (Gluten, caffeine etc) and trying to use my products regularly. I’m a slowly, slowly kinda gal otherwise I just end up going back to my old ways. My last period was the first one I’ve had in almost 10 years that I HAVE NOT had to use pain relief. I almost thought it was a fluke I was so surprised. Funny how we never question our BAD symptoms but always question our health?Anyway, had a blow out the last few days. Think LOTS of gluten & processed crap. Busy work schedule. No use of my products. And now I’m in the biggest endo flare I’ve had in a long time ? Nikki Gonda I’M CONVERTED!!! I’m a believer and I promise I’ll never doubt your magic ever again. Hahahahaha. And I feel, at the very least, empowered by understanding my body and the importance of my cycle.

Yvonne A.

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"If you have PCOS or PMS symptoms then this program is for you"

I was procrastinating joining this program and I’m honestly not sure why; health is paramount. I’m so glad Idecided to join. The products are top quality and the supplemental resources are amazingly helpful. I’m only a few weeks in but I think I’m starting to notice some changes, primarily fewer icky symptoms on the daily. I loooove the Luna’s Gold latte, I bought more to be added to my next box shipment. It’s seriously delicious. If you have PCOS or even just not great PMS symptoms then this program is for you. So happy I joined! Here’s to happy hormones!

Heather E.

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"Had my first period and the cramps haven’t lasted as long as usual"

I just started 2 weeks ago! I am already noticing an improvement in how I feel, in particular my gut (suffer from IBS) has been nowhere near as bad as it usually is! Had my first period and the cramps haven’t lasted as long as usual (only been 2 weeks) and I used Moon Ease instead of taking pain killers and was able to manage getting through the day! So far loving all the content, Nikki is so knowledgeable and it’s amazing how much the things we do impact us! Can’t wait fto finish the course!


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"This program has allowed me to regain control of my life"

This has literally CHANGED MY LIFE. For the first 10 years of my menstruation I suffered irregular, painful periods full of every symptom in the book and then some. At 15 I was offered the pill from my GP and thought it was a magic fix... it wasn’t. This program has allowed me to regain control of my life! My period now comes every 28 days like clockwork, with NO symptoms. I’m in disbelief every month!! Don’t accept the pain and symptoms as part of menstruating life - listen to your body, join moonbox, and live your best life!

Jade K.

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"I am overall happier and have learnt so much about my hormones"

This is a beautiful life changing programme. The products made are an amazing quality that have definitely become necessary life staples to look after my health and hormones. In addition to the products the program itself you can tell has had a lot of effort put into it and is so easy to follow. Plus you also receive assistance throughout the programme whenever you need from Nikki, the Naturopath, and amazing support from all the wonderful ladies in a fb support group. I cannot recommend Moonbox enough, it has changed the way I live my life! I am overall happier and have learnt so much about my hormones already. As woman we have our periods for years and years and years and therefore when you think about the cost it is definitely worth every dollar. Thank you Niki for this programme I will be forever grateful ♡

Angel B.

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"it's been getting better month by month, ovulation is on time, spotting reduced "

Absolutely love Nikki's program! It's easy to follow, has great videos and supporting ebooks (the recipes! ?) and the products are second to none. You just feel the love and passion poured into every little piece of Moonbox! I was struggling with mid cycle bleeding, bloating, heavy periods, period pain and clotting when I decided to sign up for Moonbox. It was related to an extreme amount of stress and I've also been diagnosed with a uterine fibroid too. Since last year it's been getting better month by month, ovulation is on time, spotting reduced to 1 day instead of 7-12 and I have very mild pain and my period is shorter too. Thank you Nikki for taking such great care of us!! I would highly recommend Moonbox for every single woman on earth!

Melissa B.

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"Minor symptoms, no bloating, cramps essentially non existent, and no lack of energy"

I honestly don't know if words will convey how much gratitude I have for this program but I will try my best! I have always had period problems my entire life and never had an idea where to look for guidance. Nikki and this program were such an amazing find, as it felt as though my symptoms would be apart of my life forever. For the first time since my first endometriosis excision surgery in 2019, I have had a period. Minor symptoms, no bloating, cramps essentially non existent, and no lack of energy. This program has given me my cycle back, helped me feel empowered, and has overall change my life so massively. Each product has been used and loved and I have never felt more in tune with my body than I do now! I think all women can benefit from this amazing program!


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"My cycle is regular again after coming off the pill and I have a more loving relationship with my cycle"

100% worth the investment - both financially and spending the time to work through the program. The products are amazing and made of such a high quality. I have learnt so much working through the content but love the ongoing support from Facebook group even after finishing the program!. Nikki is super responsive and supportive in the group. I suffered from ovulation pain amongst as well as period symptoms. But am so happy to say that after the program I no longer experience any of this, my cycle is regular again after coming off the pill and I have a more loving relationship with my cycle and how to best support myself through each phase. Thanks so much Nikki! If you’ve been sitting on the fence I strongly encourage you to make the jump and sign up!! You won’t regret it!"

Abbey B.

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"I don't experience period pain, heavy flow, or mood swings anymore"

I've tried for over a year to learn how to balance my hormones myself but was in need of guidance and products I could trust. I found Nikki through Instagram and am forever grateful. I have learned so much about how best to care for my body and hormones and today having completed the program I'm experiencing no breakouts! Also, today is day 1 of my period and I'd usually have most of my jawline inflamed with new pimples. The meal plan is easy, informative, and delicious. My 7 year old daughter eats most of the meals with me and loves them. All of the lattes Luna's Gold, Lover, and Beets are staples to my everyday routine. I can't go a day without and have already ordered more! That goes for the Teas as well! The facial care products I use weekly and have tossed all others aside.

Yadeliz M.

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"Making my hormones a priority and educating myself has been the no. 1!!"

I came across Nikki through IG from a recommendation from @sarahlizking exactly when I was looking for guidance around coming off the pill in early 2019. Joining this community of women has been the most empowering thing I ever done for myself. I was lucky enough to be a founding member and I absolutely adore the products and use them on the daily. Nikki’s passion and vibe for life shine through every aspect of this program from the small check in posts on the fb page to the education tools for cooking and eating nourishing foods for our hormones. So many of the recipes are staples in my life now! I don’t go anywhere with out some tea or Earth seeds!!! Making my hormones a priority and educating myself has been the no. 1!!! So much love!"

Amy S.


"I cannot recommend this course enough"

Right from my first message of enquiry Nikki was just gorgeous and took the time to leave me a personal message explaining how the program could help me, the products are of only the highest quality and the information you receive each week is just so amazing, you can really feel the love and care that has gone into this whole program and I have learnt so many things from it, love love love!


"I don't experience period pain symptoms anymore"

It helped me to really focus on my diet, to be able to make healthy decisions and to really think about what food was going into my body to balance my hormones !


"Learnt how to love my body and love my periods more"

It's definitely been an amazing piece of the puzzle in connecting with my body, and in clearing up some skin issues and some other health issues I had!


"I lost my period after being on contraception for over 10 years"

Learning about my hormones and my period has really helped me to get back in touch with my body and allowed me to be the best version of myself, so I couldn't recommend this program more highly!


"I was having all kinds of PMS symptoms, painful periods & cramps"

"The greatest benefit I've experienced from taking this program has been that I don't experience cramps anymore. The last two periods, I didn't even use painkillers. My dips in mood are not as bad. I used to experience severe. depression, anxiety, irritability!


"I have so much more energy, less cravings, and minimal pain"

 I've noticed the biggest difference in my symptoms. And I was actually really surprised because this has all happened within three months, which I feel is very quick, um, considering I've had certain habits that I've been doing my whole life!


"I didn't experience any high level of fatigue or PMS symptoms'

Having PMS symptoms and being in pain is normal every single month and we shouldn't be living, living our lives in that way. I would recommend this course to every woman!