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6-Week Coaching: Total Solution Package

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Product Description

Nikki's 4 Step Coaching Process:

1. Listen first, Recommendations Second

We’ll begin with a one-hour initial consultation that dives into ALL facets of your health that other professionals may have missed or ignored. I’ll ask detailed questions and give you space to tell me how you really feel.

2. Create The Battle Plan 

Next up is your Battle Plan. I address all of your concerns and goals with a highly individualised protocol which you will receive one week after your initial consultation. I call it a “Battle Plan” because it strategically targets your hormonal & overall health from every angle (mindset, lifestyle, food, supplements, movement, habit creation & scheduling). It is a lengthy and extremely specific document that works as a step by-step guide for how to feel better and heal.

3. Put The Battle Plan Into Action 

This is where the real magic happens. We put the Battle Plan into action. You’ll see what’s working, what’s not, and talk about it all over the course of your journey. I’ll meet you where you’re at and gently challenge you to move forward.

4. Revise & Reinforce 

If anything doesn’t work at any point, I monitor progress and change your plan as needed.


What You'll Get:


1 x 90 minute initial consultation where we deep dive into your health, your symptoms and create your overall wellness goals together


3 x 45 minute follow up sessions for ongoing support & accountability

You’ll receive a very comprehensive and personalized Battle Plan covering diet (recipes, shopping lists & meal plans included), lifestyle support and supplementation tailored specifically to your needs

6 weeks of direct & unlimited messaging support from me Mon-Fri 10am-3pm for additional guidance, check-ins & accountability between our calls


By the end of the 6 weeks you will:

✔️Experienced improvements in your moods, energy, hormonal and menstrual health

✔️Feel in charge of your hormonal health & more connected to your cycle

✔️ Confidently know how to eat for balanced hormones without restrictive dieting

✔️ How to live your life & exercise in sync with your cycle

✔️ Established daily routines for stress management & nervous system support

✔️ Developed sustainable lifestyle habits for long term health

✔️ Have cultivated a positive & resilient mindset for long-term commitment to your health journey


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