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Can’t believe it!

I tried for 3 years to fall pregnant with my second baby who is now 1. Started Moonbox products about 4.5 months ago to help my cycles be somewhat normal after pregnancy and years of infertility… well guess what!? I’m pregnant again with number 3! So I totally attribute that to Moonbox’s programs and products!

 – Kim J.

Post-pill speechless!

I JUST GOT MY PERIOD!!! I was on the pill for 10 YEARS and only came off it a month and 5 days ago. I was expecting a year’s wait before anything would happen as I’ve only been using MB products for 2 and a half months. I’m at a loss… THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, NIKKI! I was literally sitting on the toilet, crying with glee!

 – Chloe B.

Life changing!

Joined Moonbox in the hope of regulating my hormones/cycle to aid in ovulation and to learn how to support my cycle in healthier ways – not just for myself, but for my daughter. Happy to report that not only did my cycle come back a lot less paintful but I have also gotten pregnant! Moonbox has been a life changer and a game changer.

 – Rosa V.

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Yes, it is possible! We’ve been brought up with societal messaging that pain, shame & suffering is a normal & inevitable part of having a period. Moonbox is changing this story & making periods more empowering, comfortable and even something you can enjoy.

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You shouldn’t have to feel alone, unheard or overwhelmed when it comes to your periods.
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Ever taught about your hormones and periods at school? Us either! We believe that knowledge is power when it comes to the health of our hormones & periods so we provide you with the essential education to compliment your Moonbox products for most improvement!