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Luna’s Lover Cacao Latte

Superfood Latte for Stress & Sleep

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30 Serves | Designed for easy daily use in Lattes, Smoothies and on the go
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Product Description

Did someone say chocolate latte? Say hello to your new favourite, go-to brew!

Our naturopath has formulated Luna’s Lover to be your cycle supporting blend throughout your entire cycle. Because who doesn’t want a body that feels on its best game every day of the month?!

A nourishing, arousing and decadent hot chocolate – with raw organic cacao and cycle supportive adaptogens like reishi and ashwagandha. Reishi is known for its ability to help the body adapt to stress, and ashwagandha is recognised for its ability to support hormonal balance, energy, moods and also down-regulate the body’s stress response.


  • Improves PMS
  • Supports Adrenal Function
  • More Energy
  • Promotes Better Sleep


Gluten Free

Sugar Free


How does it taste?

The way our founder Nikki describes Luna's Lover: The most deliciously smooth, decadent, earthy hot chocolate you’ve ever had, except it’s good for you. They way our customers describe Luna’s Lover: Christina says: “It is a delicious and comforting drink.” Soana says: “It’s the perfect balance of not too sweet & not too rich” Caroline says: “Fabulously delicious, smooth & creamy”

When do I take it?

Enjoy one teaspoon daily as a hot or iced chocolate latte, or give your smoothies a delicious superfood boost. Luna’s Lover is most popularly enjoyed as an afternoon feel good coffee-alternative, or an after dinner choccie treat to help you wind down and relax.


Why you’ll love it

only $0.90 per serve

  • Satisfies Cravings + Lifts Moods

    Luna’s Lover is a nutrient-dense hot chocolate that boosts moods, satisfies cravings, without the sugar that wrecks hormones

  • Combats Stress & Supports Sleep

    Our formula contains adaptogenic herbs that support the adrenals & help the body adapt to stress

  • Daily Routine, Made Easy

    All you have to do with Luna’s Lover is enjoy one serving once a day, so you can feel amazing all month long

Happy Customers. Happy Periods.

How to make the perfect
Luna's Lover

Enjoy as a delicious latte, or in a smoothie to feel amazing every day of the month

  • 01 step

    Stir together 1 tsp of the blend and a splash of hot water. Sweeten to taste as desired (we like maple syrup)

  • 02 step

    Add a cup of frothed warm or iced mylk of your choice

  • 03 step

    Enjoy as you sip your way to hormonal bliss!



Bonus Hormone Lovin’ Recipe eBook

Get delicious, easy latte & smoothie recipes created for balancing your hormones & reversing symptoms for good!

“Nutrient deficiencies are the root cause of PMS & Cramps

Our products provide the essential nutrients your hormones need daily to thrive”

Nikki Gonda

Founder & Nutritionist

Let’s take a look inside...

  • Why you need cacao
    Cacao is a powerhouse for your menstrual cycle. Packed with essential minerals for hormone health such as iron, copper, manganese and zinc. It’s also one of the richest natural food sources of magnesium in the world. Why do we love magnesium? It's a master period mineral, keeping our hormones and moods balanced and our energy levels high! Cacao is packed with enzymes, antioxidants and flavonoids which can reduce stress, support blood sugar control (essential for improving PMS), and increase endorphins (our feel good hormones).
  • Why you need Reishi Mushroom
    Reishi is an adaptogenic mushroom with a long history of use in ancient China by Taoist monks for cultivating energy, reducing stress & anxiety, calming the mind, and promoting peaceful sleep. These supportive properties are essential when it comes to achieving healthy balanced hormones & regular periods. Studies show that reishi may help ease symptoms of PCOS, hirsutism and acne by exerting an anti-androgenic effect in the body.
  • Why you need Ashwagandha
    An Ayurvedic tonic herb used for over six thousand years treasured for its ability to support hormonal balance, energy, steady moods & down-regulate the body’s stress response. Ashwagandha supports healthy nervous system function and has been clinically proven to reduce cortisol (our main stress hormone) output and is as effective as anti-anxiety medication within 21 days of use. It’s a favorite for those that experience anxiety and spend a lot of time in fight-or-flight. A healthy nervous system is essential for healthy hormones and periods.

Full Ingredient Glossary

  • Certified Organic Raw Cacao

    It is one of the richest natural food sources of magnesium, necessary for stress adaptation, restful sleep, reduction in PMS symptoms and over 300 other biochemical processes. It boosts energy without the crash, and contains happy hormone neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine which assist feelings of wellbeing and resilience to stress and anxiety.

  • Certified Organic Mesquite

    It’s rich caramel taste makes it a healthy, natural sweetener rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron. High in soluble fibre it won’t cause blood sugar spikes and is beneficial for healthy gut flora and digestion

  • Reishi

    One of the most studied herbs in the world recognised as a powerful immune herb and adaptogen – for its ability to help us adapt to stress, support moods and promote peaceful sleep. Studies show that reishi may help ease symptoms of PCOS, hirsutism and acne by exerting an anti-androgenic effect in the body

  • Certified Organic Ashwagandha

    A tonic herb used for over six thousand years (an Ayurvedic rasayana) treasured for its ability to support hormonal balance, libido, energy, steady moods and down-regulate the body’s stress response

Better Period.

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The answers to your questions!

  • Is it caffeine free?

    This blend contains a very small amount of caffeine (less than 5mg per cup), which is naturally occurring in the cacao powder used.

  • Who is it for?

    This powerful blend is suitable to consume from menarche to menopause. 

    Expert formulated to support: 

    • PMS cravings 
    • Stress + anxiety
    • Moods

  • Is this blend safe whilst pregnant or breastfeeding?

    There are no clinical studies that currently evaluate the safety of the ingredients maca or shatavari in this blend during pregnancy or breastfeeding, so we advise you to talk with your healthcare professional before consuming Lunas Gold while pregnant or breastfeeding.

  • How long does one packet last?

    There are 35 servings in one packet of Luna’s Lover designed for daily consumption to last an entire menstrual cycle. 

    Less than $1 a cup for a happier, healthier you. 

  • What are adaptogens?

    Adaptogens are herbs and mushrooms that help your body resist the negative effects of stress. The benefits are wide ranging and best seen when consumed on a regular basis.

    Reishi is one of these adaptogenic mushrooms which has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety & fatigue and is immunity boosting!

    Ashwagandha is recognised for its ability to support hormonal balance, energy, moods and also down-regulate the body’s stress response.

  • What is your happiness guarantee?

    We want you to be 100% happy with your blends, that's why we offer our 30-day happiness guarantee. If you don't love your order, let us know within 30 days of your order date and we will make it right. 

    When it comes to our health,  improvements can take time so please allow at least 12 weeks of consistently consuming the Lunas Lattes for the herbs to build in your system and take most effect. 

    The only exclusions are sale/discounted items and accessories.

  • What are the ingredients?

    Our products are made from the highest quality ingredients and using the latest science, we select the most effective and bioavailable form of every single ingredient to ensure the best results for great value.

    • Certified Organic ingredients
    • No refined or artificial sugars, flavors or sweeteners 
    • Vegan
    • Gluten-Free
    • Nut & soy free
    • Less than $1 per cup

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