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Imagine never having to deal with period problems ever again

Imagine never having to deal with period problems ever again

Symptoms are signs of underlying hormonal imbalances.

Painful periods, fatigue, mood swings, tender breasts, cravings, anxiety & depression...sound familiar? These symptoms are your body’s way of trying to get your attention to an underlying imbalance that needs addressing. Are you listening?

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Everybody’s period is different. Which is why we’ve created specific & effective solutions for your unique cycle. You can achieve predictable, PMS-free periods *even if you've tried everything*


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Hey beautiful people!

Hey beautiful


I’m Nikki, Founder of My Moonbox. Welcome to our Period Health Quiz!

We’ve created this quiz to help you discover the most effective & natural solution for your personal period struggles.

I was like you - I struggled with cramps & fatigue to unpredictable periods and uncontrollable mood swings for way too long. I tried everything from hormonal birth control, painkillers to thyroid medication, online programs & spent thousands on supplements only to end up back to feeling frustrated with my body, let down by my doctors and at a loss with what to do.

I don’t want this to be you! It’s time to discover and fix the root cause of your symptoms and finally get a clear action plan to elminating PMS & cramps naturally & for good!

It’s time to become the happiest, healthiest & most confident version of yourself throughout your entire cycle.

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“Joined Moonbox in the hope of regulating my hormones/cycle to aid in ovulation and to learn how to support my cycle in healthier ways – not just for myself, but for my daughter. Happy to report that not only did my cycle come back a lot less paintful but I have also gotten pregnant! Moonbox has been a life changer and a game changer.”
“I absolutely loved the course. So much amazing and useful information in an easy to digest way. The things I have learned and the products have helped to significantly reduce my cramps and pms symptoms and regain a sense of normalcy post pill and post hypothyroidism diagnosis. I would be lost without this class”
“So informative and has completely changed my approach to my hormones and my health has definitely benefited from it. I feel more in control of my health and content with my body than ever”

In just under 3 minutes you’ll discover all the tools you need to thrive instead of just survive!

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