All Your Questions About Period Undies Answered

All Your Questions About Period Undies Answered

We sat down with the co-founder of Scarlet Period, Ash Hipwood to talk about all things period undies, and have your burning questions answered! 


It personally took me a while to get onto the period undie train, and once I did I wished I had done it sooner. I was never a pad girl, and always thought of period undies as if they were going to be like pads - boy I was wrong! 


I don't even wear menstrual cups or tampons anymore - I'm wearing period undies every day, all day when I'm menstruating!


So if you're still sitting on the fence when it comes to period undies, then continue reading, cause they are seriously life changing. 


How many pairs of period underwear do I need?

Everyone’s period is different, but a good place to start is at least 3 pairs so you have enough to change into over the course of a day if you need to without being caught out or doing excessive amounts of washing. Some people (like us) will go through 4 pairs of undies on a heavier day, and only 1 pair on a lighter day depending on the styles we use.

Will they leak?

The game-changing thing about Scarlet period underwear is that you can live life the way you want without worrying about leaking or anything showing through. Just ensure you’re wearing the right absorbency for your flow, and you know when to change them before they reach the limit.

Can I wear period underwear by itself / without additional protection?

Scarlet period underwear completely replaces the need for disposable tampons and pads even on heavy flow days! You can literally say goodbye to pads and tampons forever!!

Are period undies only for people with lighter periods?

Scarlet period undies are for everybody, and every flow. Our underwear can hold up to 8x pads in one single pair - that means instead of using 8 pads, you could be wearing just one pair of undies.

How do you wash period undies?

The easiest way to wash period undies is to throw them in with your regular load of washing, and hang dry to keep them at their best. However, if you’re short on time, you can use the drier.

Do period undies smell?

Scarlet period underwear don’t smell. And if you take care of them properly, and wash them like you would your regular clothes they will last for years.

Do they feel different from normal underwear?

Our Period undies are designed to solve your biggest pain points, feeling like regular underwear but only comfier, more supportive and confidence boosting in style’s you love.

Are they toxic at all?

Some brands apply chemicals to their products for added functionality, such as stain proofing, or water resistance. We designed Scarlet period underwear to be the most high performing protection without the need for chemical treatments.

How do they work?

The magic of our period underwear is actually hidden in the gusset (the area in contact with your vulva). With 4 layers of built-in leakproof technology to wick away moisture, absorb fluid and keep you feeling confident, comfy and dry! Just wear, wash and repeat - you’ll save tonnes of waste, become more connected to your cycle and save forking out money on disposables every month!


Check out Scarlet undies and start experiencing your period in comfort & style. Tried & tested by me (Nikki) - I know you're going to love them!