Questions Your Doctor SHOULD Be Asking You

Questions Your Doctor SHOULD Be Asking You

I had to go to the doctors a few days ago to get my routine pap smear (take this as your reminder to get yours if you keep putting it off hehe)..

And the doctor (who I have never met before) asks me..

Why am I not on hormonal birth control?

Yep - you can only begin to imagine the conversation that began & to no surprise lead to uncovering that this doctor is still in the belief system that the pill is the only and the best solution for irregular periods, painful periods, PMS, PMDD, PCOS, endometriosis..the list goes on..

I told her about My Moonbox, the thousands of women within this community whose hormonal & menstrual health have drastically improved naturally with dietary & lifestyle strategies…

And she just stared at me blank faced and said “well I’ve never heard of anything like that”..

So this is what I have to say about this…

If your health practitioner prescribes you medication without asking:

  • What are you eating, how much you are eating and how regularly are you eating?

  • Your stress levels & self-care practices

  • How is the quality of sleep?

  • How often do you exercise & the type/intensity of exercise you’re doing?

  • Regularity & health of your daily bowel movements

  • Your full medical history

  • Your current supplement regime

  • Have you tested your hormones, gut, micronutrient/mineral levels and thyroid function?

>>> That's your sign to FIND ANOTHER DOCTOR! <<<

If we are to move away from a “sick care system” to a TRUE health care system, these questions need to be asked.

Connecting the dots between your stress levels and your gut health, to your liver health & your entire endocrine functioning and so on.. is how to discover the root cause of our hormonal challenges and why we feel the way we do.

A 10 minute appointment ending with a prescription to hormonal birth control regardless of whether you’re Jane, Susan or Beth - is not a real solution.

Doctors of course can be incredible, but if you’re looking for a natural approach to your hormones & fixing your periods that doesn't involve prescriptions and pills you’re going to the wrong health professional.


Menstrual health does not start with a prescription. It starts with you

- Nikki Gonda


We are not the same as everyone else. Just like I am not the same as you. And you are not the same as me. So there is no one thing that is going to be the magic bullet to fixing every single person's hormonal and period challenges.

Menstrual health does not start with a prescription. It starts with you. Real transformation happens when you take radical responsibility for your own health and realize that YOU are the only person who has the power to truly heal yourself.

And it starts by going back to the foundational basics of health - addressing the food you eat, your lifestyle, stress levels, environment, emotional health - address these areas and in turn your periods, moods, energy and overall vitally improve.

If you're ready for a more natural approach to effectively balancing your hormones and eliminating painful period symptoms I invite you to check out my mini-course The Better Period Method. 

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Your periods can be easy, predictable and pain-free. Your moods can be balanced. Your energy can be consistently abundant. It just takes the right support and taking action to get there.