How To Prevent PMS These Holidays!

How To Prevent PMS These Holidays!

The holiday season is finally here!


Whilst I’m back from Bali, visiting my family in Australia for a couple of weeks, let's just say that my normal Bali lifestyle isn’t maintained as much as I would like…

Later nights, less exercise, wayyy more eating out & drinking wine can set the stage for hormonal imbalances & period problems come 2023.

Remember - it’s our food & lifestyle habits today that compound over time and determine the health of our periods, moods & energy up to 3 menstrual cycles away!

I don’t know about you - but I don’t want to be entering 2023 feeling fatigued, PMsy & anything other than energized, vital & thriving!

So, how do I still have fun and allow myself to enjoy the christmassy foods + drinks whilst also preventing hormonal imbalances and period problems in the new year?!

I take extra action to protect my hormones by giving my liver additional love!

Your liver is the main organ for detoxification and it plays a critical role in maintaining hormonal balance and keeping symptoms at bay.

Excess consumption of alcohol, caffeine, sugar, processed, fried & fatty foods, along with stress, lack of exercise & poor sleep prevent your liver from functioning optimally and get in the way of you experiencing healthy hormones & periods.

So, how can you support your liver?

The best way to support the liver is to boost the supply of nutrients it needs to do its job properly.

During the holiday season instead of getting stressed about cutting out things like sugar or alcohol, I focus on getting MORE of the good stuff so I don’t feel deprived or limited.

5 things I do daily to support my liver for better hormonal health:


>> Eat more glutathione-rich foods: I add a few extra handfuls of leafy greens to every meal where possible.

Why? Leafy greens are high in glutathione, a potent antioxidant necessary for phase 1 & phase 2 liver detoxification.

Snack on kale, spinach, cabbage, lettuce, sprouts or whatever other leafy green veggies you enjoy for optimal liver function & preventing PMS.


>> Consume more turmeric with a daily Superfood Turmeric Latte.

This is a non-negotiable for me, especially during the holidays!!

Turmeric contains curcuminoids which have been shown to effectively support the liver’s detoxification processes and reduce inflammation in the body which is essential for preventing period pain and PMS.

Curcumin has also been shown to help improve overall liver function, reducing the damage caused by toxins such as alcohol and aiding in detoxification.

Turmeric can be consumed fresh or as a delicious Superfood Latte for best results and is a great addition to any daily health routine as it can combat damaging effects of environmental pollutants on our bodies.

>> Get more magnesium with Moon Boost Magnesium Oil

Increase magnesium intake with a few easy sprays of Moon Boost onto my tummy.

Magnesium helps enhance the production of enzymes in our body that neutralize toxins and aids in supporting the essential functions of our livers - which means it's an important mineral to keep our hormones healthy and us feeling good!

If you want to prevent period problems, you need more magnesium to help out your liver!

>> Consume Dandelion Root With Half Moon Tea

Dandelion root is a wonderful ally for your liver health, well known to support hormone balance, regular periods and fighting PMS.

As a mild diuretic, dandelion root helps support necessary nutrient absorption, allowing you to derive maximum benefit from what you're eating as well!

Give your body some lovin’ and get that dandy power flowing for optimal liver health!

I personally drink this Dandelion Root every night as a start ingredient in Half Moon Tea, especially after wine or sugar consumption during the holidays.

>> Eat 2 Brazil Nuts Per Day For Selenium! 

Selenium is a powerful mineral that has been known to support liver function. It's also essential for PMS relief and maintaining hormone balance.

One of the best sources of selenium is brazil nuts - just two nuts contain your daily requirement!

So, if you're wanting to give your liver a bit of extra love, make sure to munch on some brazil nuts on the regular. You'll be sure to feel the benefits!

All in all, when your liver is well nourished, it can efficiently break down excess estrogen and help keep estrogen and progesterone in balance, which is a critical factor in keeping period problems away!

If your body can’t efficiently process toxins like excess hormones, you’ll be more likely to develop menstrual, fertility, and libido problems.

Want to learn more about how to balance your hormones naturally? Check out my mini-course The Better Period Method.