The PMS-FIGHTER Smoothie Recipe

The PMS-FIGHTER Smoothie Recipe

Green smoothies can be both delicious AND hormone healthy!

Every time you make a smoothie is an opportunity to nourish your hormones with essential nutrients so that you can THRIVE!

To make any smoothie hormone-healthy you have to make sure you are ticking these 3 essential nutrient boxes:

1. Protein - helps to stablize blood sugar and keep you satiated 

2. Fibre - feeds good gut bacteria + promotes healthy elimination of excess hormones & toxins

3. Healthy fat - required to MAKE hormones & fight inflammation 



1 small handful of Cilantro (cilantro helps detox heavy metals from the body) 

1 large handful of spinach (spinach helps remove excess hormones) 

1 tsp Luna's Gold PMS blend (Luna's Gold reduces inflammation & boost moods)

1 tbsp Earth Seeds (Earth Seeds gives you extra nutrients to fight PMS) 

1 scoop protein powder (My go-to is the plant based protein from PranaON)

1/4 avocado (healthy fats to make healthy hormones)

1 small handful of frozen blueberries (anti-oxidant goodness to fight free radicals)

2 Brazil nuts (Rich in selenium for thyroid function)

1/2 cup water

A small handful of ice cubes 


 Add all into a blend & turn on high until smoothie and creamy consistency! 

Add your favourite toppings and enjoy as a mid-morning or afternoon hormone-balancing snack throughout the month to help prevent PMS. 

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