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Luna’s Beets Latte

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Product Description

Looking for PMS-free periods? This pretty pink latte is more than just a pretty face.

The powerful cycle benefits of beetroot, hibiscus & pitaya bring you an unassumingly delicious blend that supercharges your liver function so that your hormones become your allies & contribute to your greatness.

This adaptogenic blend is like no other – a unique formulation specifically designed for healthier, happier menstrual cycles.

  • Practitioner Formulated
  • 100% Natural
  • Certificated Organic
  • Proven Support

How does it work?

Designed to be consumed every day of the month! Ready to drink Luna’s Beets with your favourite plant based milk–hot or iced? Prep time: 60 seconds. Mix or blend 2 teaspoons beet powder with coconut oil or ghee for a rich and creamy taste to nourish the spirit. A delicious coffee alternative, or perfect way to supercharge your smoothie, raw treats or breakfast bowls! Ingredients: All ingredients are certified organic. Organic Beetroot, Organic Chaste Berry aka Vitex, Organic Hibiscus, Pitaya, Lucuma, Schisandra Proudly formulated and manufactured in Australia. We source only the finest quality local and imported ingredients from our trusted suppliers. No added gluten, egg, dairy, lactose, soy, sugar or nuts. No artificial flavours, colours, preservatives or sweeteners.

100% Happiness Guarantee

My Moonbox comes with a 100% happiness guarantee when you purchase the PMS & Cramps bundle and commit to daily implementation and support for 3 months. If you do the 3-step daily routine and implement the Masterclass strategies for 3 months and don’t experience improvements in your menstrual health we will issue you a full refund. Why 3 months? Because this is the time it takes to reset your hormones and lay foundations for real, lasting improvements in your menstrual health to take place. There is no such thing as a quick fix when it comes to your periods. It’s a life-long partnership!


How it helps you

Mood swings, breast tenderness, acne breakouts, fatigue? We hear you. These symptoms are common, but not a “normal” or inevitable part of your period. Thanks to Luna’s Beets, that time of the month doesn’t have to be something you dread.

A holistic approach is key. Consuming Luna’s Beets as part of your daily ritual whilst also addressing certain dietary & lifestyle factors that impact hormonal health is going to set the strongest foundations for experiencing healthier, happier periods. 

What's Inside?

  • Organic Beetroot

    Beetroot is a nourishing root vegetable high in iron, potassium, folate & manganese - all essentia nutrients for healthy periods. Beet is rich in nitrates which assist with blood circulation, energy & liver detoxification.

  • Organic Schisandra Berry

    An adaptogenic herb traditionally used to help manage stress, balance hormones, revive energy, combat fatigue & support liver & adrenal health.

  • Organic Chaste Berry (Vitex)

    Vitex is well-researched as an aid for  hormonal imbalance & menstrual irregularities. It supports the pituitary gland to produce progesterone & luteinising hormone - both essential for ovulation & regular periods.

Full Ingredient Glossary

  • Organic Beetroot

    Beetroot is a nourishing root vegetable high in antioxidants, dietary fibre, iron, potassium, folate & manganese all of which are essential for healthy periods. Beet is naturally rich in nitrates that assist with blood circulation, and support liver detoxification.

  • Organic Chaste Berry aka Vitex

    Vitex is well-researched as an aid for female fertility and hormonal imbalance. It supports the pituitary gland to produce progesterone and luteinising hormone – both essential for ovulation, regular menstruation and reducing PMS.

  • Organic Hibiscus

    A flower high in antioxidants, known for its anti-inflammatory and natural antidepressant properties. Due to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, hibiscus root has been shown to relieve menstrual pain. Additionally, it’s high content of flavonoids have antidepressant properties that may reduce symptoms of PMS such as anxiety and irritability. Research shows that the flavonoids in hibiscus have antidepressant properties, and may reduce anxiety and depression. In an animal study, hibiscus flowers promoted dopamine receptors (aka feel-good chemicals) in adult mice.

  • Pitaya

    Rich in vitamin C for immunity, omega 3 & 6 fatty acids for healthy hormone production and fibre for improved gut flora.

  • Lucuma

    A superfood thats acts as a low-glycemic natural sweetener and nourishes your body. From the fruit of the pouteria lucuma treat in South America, lucuma is a Peruvian symbol of fertility, also helping to stabilize blood sugar and curb cravings; its flavour likened to a mix of sweet potato and butterscotch.

  • Schisandra

    An adaptogenic herb traditionally used to help manage stress, balance hormones, revive energy, combat fatigue and support liver & adrenal health.

Backed by Science, Design for You

Our products are made from the highest quality ingredients and using the latest science, we select the most effective and bioavailable form of every single ingredient to ensure the best results for great value.


“This is the only thing that has ever helped my PMS breast tenderness. And it tastes great!”


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is Luna’s Beets for?

    Luna’s Beets is designed to support: 


    - PMS / PMDD

    - Hormonal acne

    - Breast soreness / tenderness

    - Irregular cycles 

    - Mood swings 

    Luna’s Beets is particularly supportive for those on (or recently off) hormonal birth control as it supports the liver’s detoxification of synthetic hormones.

  • How frequently should I consume Luna’s Beets?

    We recommend consuming 1 serving of Luna’s Beets every day of the month. 


    Your hormones love consistency, and the herbs & adaptogens in our blends take up to 3 menstrual cycles (around 12 weeks) to build up and work on the body. However many of our customers experience improvements within their first cycle.

  • How long does one packet last?

    There are 30 servings of Luna’s Beets in one packet, designed to last 1 month based on daily consumption. 

  • What does Luna’s Beets taste like?

    Luna’s Beets is the Latte that everyone wishes they tried sooner. This blend has a subtle beetroot flavour complimented with the more sweet and fruity flavours from the hibiscus and pitaya making it deliciously easy to drink.

  • When should I expect to experience results?

    Everyone & every menstrual cycle is different. 

    Some of the benefits are immediate, whilst others take effect and are maximized with consistent use over the long-term. 

    Rebalancing hormones takes a minimum of 100 days (around 3 menstrual cycles). So with consistent consumption you should continue to experience positive changes in your periods and overall vitality. 

    For greatest improvements use Luna’s Beets in addition to the dietary & lifestyle practices outlined in our PMS & Cramps Masterclass. 

  • Is Luna’s Beets safe whilst trying to conceive, pregnant or breastfeeding?

    Luna's Beets can be used whilst trying to conceive as it supports regular ovulation for optimized fertility.

    However, if pregnant or breastfeeding we recommend consulting your health care practitioner before introducing Lunas Beets or any Moonbox product into your health regime. 

  • Is Luna’s Beets gluten free, sugar free & vegan?

    Luna’s Lover is gluten free, sugar free, vegan, paleo.

  • What are adaptogenic herbs?

    The herbs used in our Luna’s Elixirs contain properties that are defined as ‘adaptogenic'. Adaptogens are remarkable substances that have been known over centuries of use to help the human body adapt to stress, support normal metabolic processes, and restore balance. They increase the body’s resistance to physical, biological, emotional, and environmental stressors and promote normal physiologic function.

    Adaptogenic herbs have been found to balance the body’s energies, endocrine hormones, modulate the immune system and allow the body to maintain optimal health. We all deal with stress every day, and our bodies strive to adapt and keep balanced and healthy. It’s very important to learn healthy stress reduction practices to maintain balance to lead a long healthy life. We can use adaptogenic herbs as tools to help combat our daily stresses and stay grounded.

  • What are the best ways to incorporate Luna’s Latte into my daily routine?

    Enjoy Luna’s Beets as a hot or iced latte any time of day. Or add into your smoothies, breakfast oats or raw treats!

    Head over to our recipe section for more inspiration.

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